el·e·vate /ˈeləˌvāt/ VERB

To Elevate, enhance, exalt, heighten means to raise or make higher in some respect. To elevate is to raise something up to a higher level, position, or state. 


Hello November! 

The Word of the Month for November is Elevate – This choice of words has given me pause to reflect on the power each of us embodies to lift the energy and positivity of our consciousness to a higher level – whether it’s inside one individual or a group of people.

Have you ever walked into a room where people were discussing a sad situation or harder times and felt the heaviness of the energy present? Have you noticed then, when someone starts to laugh in that same room, and another joins, and then another…that the mood organically begins to shift to one that’s more uplifting?

One of the goals we’ve had as a Dailey Method community throughout this entire pandemic was to continually support you in elevating your practice by providing you the best virtual experience possible (and clearly adding in the necessary humor!). I am extremely proud that we’ve been able to deliver an exceptional product via our thoughtful practices and a tremendous amount of care for our students, communities, and brand.

Despite having this awareness and sincere intention to elevate the energy in my classes, I have to admit that sometimes it takes more effort than others. For instance, while teaching, I occasionally observe that when my enthusiasm wanes, I notice similar energy reflected back to me in my students in this virtual platform. When this happens, I course-correct and use it as an opportunity to shift how I’m projecting. The domino effect on the room (on the screen) is AMAZING!

When I’m truly successful at this transformation, everyone, including me, is more present, excited, works harder, and feels better. I’m certain that this energy shift translates to a collective ability to heighten more positive trajectories in our own life, but also in the lives that intersect with ours.

These are all constant reminders that every step we take in life provides a learning opportunity for us as long as we stay present with each step. I encourage you in your Dailey Method practice this month to find stillness throughout parts of class. Elevate your awareness of the rise and fall of your breath as you hold a posture or balance, bend your knees in a thigh stance, or reset during an abdominal exercise by using your hands or grounding with your feet. Notice, with each inhalation and exhalation, the ability to celebrate your strength in non-motion. Feel how this stillness gifts you an elevated sense of resetting your energy, calming your nervous system, and softening your mind and your muscles.

After all, This. This part….it could be the most important moment of your day.

Historically we’re moving into a season of celebration, of gatherings, and this year that isn’t as much of a possibility. So what to do? 

  • Cherishing traditions in more subtle ways
  • Giving to the world’s needs and inspiring others to do the same vs. giving presents.
  • Taking the opportunity to give the gift of our presence with those that are most important. Family, friends, and our most loved ones.

Lastly, there are clearly fragments of concern for all of us right now, frustration, and certainly a bunch of unknown swirling around us as we enter into Election Day. Because of this, I encourage all of us to participate in a more global elevation by believing that goodness will prevail. We are capable of elevating the world’s consciousness by inserting positivity into our conversations and interactions with others. We even have the power to elevate our mood and outlook by carving out moments to turn off the noise, take a break from the news, and to put away social media so that we can increase the volume of our own inner peace. And yes, we all need that right now.

Sending you peace, love, and belief- that it’s all going to be okay! We can get through anything….. together.

With massive love,