Create |krēˈāt|verb  

Bring (something) into existence

cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions


The picture above is from my 50th Birthday celebration. It encompasses so much of what the word “Create” means to me. I gathered 16 of my favorite women from many different stages in my life to share in a weekend together. I don’t often make the time for crafts, however on this trip – we did! These were selenite crystals that we wrapped in suede string and decorated with dried flowers for each other. We printed private messages on tank tops and made beautiful flower arrangements for the tables. Many of these women had not met each other previously, but there were immediate bonds. That weekend we created art, shared sentiments, developed some very strong relationships and made the most amazing memories together!

Creating change does not have to be some huge event. It happens simply and slowly through awareness and practice. We can improve on a skill we desire or change a habit we don’t like simply by putting in a little time or focus on it on a regular basis. It’s through the smallest of shifts that true and lasting change can be created.

  1. Ruminate on what you’d like to be different in your life, surroundings or career and then envision how those things will make you feel once you’ve accomplished them. Understanding that feeling can help you obtain it. 
  2. Notice if there’s some tiny way you might better someone’s life who needs support and simply take an incremental action in that direction. It can be as simple as a phone call or a hug.
  3. Systematically and regularly focus on an idea and how it feels to you and write it down in a journal.

I do believe that placing our attention towards what we desire is what enables us to create it!

When you create ANYTHING, you become responsible for introducing something new into your life. Then, as a result of this action, you also create a situation where most times the renewed energy you feel, subtle changes you make, the broader perspective you adopt or the excited attitude you experience spreads like wildfire out into the world. It opens up infinite possibilities for you to call in more beauty, happiness, peace and joy not only into your own life but into the lives of others around you! This creation or contribution does not need to be massive in order to have a lasting impact.

I’m extremely proud of what I’ve created with respect to having founded The Dailey Method and watching it grow to all it is today. The Dailey Method is many things. It is movement and a means to exercise your body, which to some may seem as a modality that focuses solely on the exterior or physical and may be perceived as something that is ego driven. But that said, the aesthetic is only one small part of what we want people walk away with when they come through our doors. The Dailey Method is a vehicle that allows myself and all of the teachers, owners and staff to help empower others to feel stronger from the inside out!  We get the opportunity to support you in owning your strength and confidence so that you are able to show up as your BEST self outside of our walls and therefore within your life. Our messaging, workout and community affords you a way to feel so amazing that you inevitably are inspired to build up those around you. That’s what can create real change in our world and lives!

While there is not a whole lot of extra time in my life right now, I’m focusing my creative energy this month on my stretching sequences. I plan to keep my usual and intentional focus on offering fun classes that are fundamentally strong in our alignment principles (align, engage and move) as I incorporate more creative stretching to keep you challenged and engaged and present in your body. The Dailey Method’s goal is to provide you an environment where you are drawn to inwardly focus on yourself from the moment you walk through the door until the time you leave and I know that adding in an element of surprise is always what will keep you present. 

That in and of itself is powerful!

Show up to class. We will do this together! 

Then, beginning today –  start an inner dialogue that allows you to create your own story from within that lifts you up. 

I’d love to hear how you’re inspired to create this month!