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Fit Tip: How to Savasana Like a Pro

We end all of our classes with some form of savasana and we do so for a very important reason – savasana is the final outward expression of all we have done in class! I wanted savasana to be this month’s fit tip because I think it ties in perfectly with our word of the […]

Holiday Gift Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

It’s hard to believe the holidays are already here! I love this season for many reasons – giving, being one of them. And there are many ways to give that don’t have to break the bank! Here are a few of my favorite ideas: 1. Pass along favorite books you’ve read. A few of mine […]

December Word of the Month: SMILE!

The Dailey Method word of the month for December is SMILE! This is our 4th and last secondary alignment principle and my personal favorite! Smile…. why not? I enjoy smiling, being smiled at and making other people smile. I frequently smile at strangers. No matter how bad things are, if you smile you will feel […]

November Word of the Month: Support

  Photo Credit: Shutterstock   The word for November is SUPPORT, continuing the exploration of The Dailey Method Secondary Alignment Principles: Stability, Space, Support and Smile! SUPPORT comes from within. Just like The Dailey Method practice, support is an inside-out practice. There is a tendency to think of support as something I give or as […]

October Word of the Month: Space

Our word of the month for October is SPACE which is a continuation from September of The Dailey Method Secondary Alignment Principles: Stability, Space, Support and Smile! As we Align/Engage/Move (our primary alignment principles) we can get even deeper by putting intention on the “4S’s” mentioned above. In September we practiced STABILITY, focusing on foundation, […]

September Word of the Month: Stability

The past three months we’ve highlighted our Primary Alignment Principles at The Dailey Method: Align, Engage, and Move. Our word of the month for September is STABILITY, which begins our focus on The Dailey Method Secondary Alignment Principles: Stability, Space, Support and Smile (4S’s)!  Photo Credit As we Align, Engage and Move we can refine our practice and […]

August Word of the Month: Move

Photo Credit In The Dailey Method, we practice our three Primary Alignment Principles in order: 1) Align; 2) Engage and 3) Move. In June we focused on our base principle to ALIGN our bones in proper position; in July we practiced how to ENGAGE specific muscles to support our intentionally aligned bones. For the month […]

July Word of the Month: Engage

When we introduce a theme (or as we call it our “Dailey Dedication”) into our physical practice it can allow us to go deeper on so many levels. A dedication insinuates itself physically (into deeper muscle layers, tissue layers, even the cells of our body) and mentally (into our minds, hearts, thoughts and feelings) until […]

June Word of the Month: Align

We talk about The Dailey Method as a physical practice and a “life practice” – but what does that really mean? It means that many of the things we practice in The Dailey Method are the same things we can practice in life – that small, intentional changes made in a class can trigger BIG […]

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