January Word of the Month: Fire l The Dailey Method

FIRE is our January Word of the Month to help you begin your great New Year. This month take the time to focus on the FIRE that is inside of you. The FIRE that sparks you to accomplish amazing things and be the brightest person possible, for yourself and for others.

Here is some inner-fire kindling to get you going this month:

Feel the Burn – In your mind and body. Embrace fear, get out of your comfort zone and get closer to the flame. When you get to your edge don’t be afraid to feel some pain. Endure it, embrace it, breathe (okay maybe even cry,) through it. Let it burn a little and know that is where the true change happens. Transformation is hard because it means letting go of the old, familiar, safe, easy, and comfortable in order to make way for the new. Find out what bliss is on the other side of your trials and discomforts. Heighten your practice by firing your muscles, igniting your brain. Set intention to first feel, and then to work through the burn.

Get Yourself Hot – Ask yourself these questions: What lights me up? What turns me on? What am I passionate about? Bring your deepest inner-fire to the surface. Feel it, feed it, follow it and see how it can help you reach your highest potential.

Turn Everyone On – Make an effort to connect soul-to-soul by making eye contact, smiling, being present, being open. Expect amazing things to happen in your relationships. Expect to turn-on and be turned-on through connection and interaction with each person in your life.

Scare Yourself – Fire can be scary and painful. Life can be painful. Love can be painful. A TDM class after a long vacation can be painful! Will you run from fear and fire, or practice courage and walk toward it?

Victor Frankl said, “What is to give light must endure burning.” Feel the transformative power of FIRE in your life, let it scare you. Let it hurt you. Let it pull you. Let it change you.

Make 2015 the year you Dare to Live, Love, and Be on FIRE. You’re so hot!

Burn bright,

– Jill and Lorna