Now that summer is here (kids out of school…yay?), many of us have upcoming travels and a shift from consistent schedules to those that interrupt our health and exercise routines. Here are a few tips to help keep you #happyfit during the crazy days of summer.
1. Make time for yourself
Whether we’re on vacation or at home, it is so important for our well being to take a few moments out of the day just for ourselves. Whether this means waking up 10 minutes early or taking a quick bath at night, try to carve a few self-moments out of every day. Putting the kids in front of a 30-minute TV show and locking myself in my room for a power nap or meditation is my personal quickie. Your body will thank you for it, and I am sure those around you will too.
2. Even a little exercise is better than none
When we are off our normal routine or out of our regular environment, it is easy to think “I don’t have an hour to work out.” But even 10-20 minutes of exercise is better than none. This was my primary motivator in designing the Dailey Now DVD, which has shorter class options that you can combine or do alone.
My go-to if I’m in a pinch and just need to do SOMETHING is:
Forearm plank – as long as I can hold
20 push-ups
3 minutes of high c-curve
2 minutes of thigh work (WTO is a good one without a barre but I prefer thigh dancing!)
1 minute of back dancing
This is less than 10 minutes, always makes me feel better and gives me more energy.
3. Go with the flow
Set expectations to have no expectations. When we travel or shift into a new routine, it is easy to set expectations, but more often than not, we become disappointed or frustrated when things do not work out as expected. So, instead of defining how you want something to be, try just to let it be. This is easier said than done for some of us but if we don’t have a rigid expectation of how something ‘shouldbe, then we are bound to handle the chaos (and there will be chaos) with a bit more grace and ease.
4. Moderation is key
Temptations are endless, especially when we are away from home. Life is not meant to be perfect, it is meant to be lived; so allow yourself indulgences, but do so with thoughtful moderation. Have a healthy breakfast if you know you’re going to have chips, guacamole and margaritas later in the day. Wake-up to a green juice after a night of ‘one too many’. And try to drink lots of water, which will keep you healthfully hydrated and feeling full. Balance is key to staying both happy and fit.
5.  Simplify
Sometimes the thought of packing for 4 or 5 is so overwhelming for me that I almost want to forego the trip. I consistently attempt to pack lighter, but it takes more thought and preparation – read some of the benefits of lightening your load here. But your job will be simpler by asking for help (this has not always been easy for me but it’s amazing how the more I do it the easier it is). I have a friend that has a packing list for each kid written out. If you take the time to do that, you can have your sitter pack the items or have your children pull out their own clothes so you just have to check against the list. If the planning of a party or another event is overwhelming, ask friends or family to pitch in with something they are good at – not only will it take something off your plate, but it makes us feel needed to help each other out which is incredibly gratifying for so many people… win-win for all!!
I wish you the funnest (officially a Webster Dictionary word), healthiest, and happiest summer…. wherever it takes you!
— Jill