In our fast-paced world filled with numerous responsibilities, commitments, and aspirations, finding balance seems like an elusive art. However, it’s essential to pause and reflect on the importance of balance in our bodies and in our lives. 

The primary reason The Dailey Method is the highly effective, results driven, sculpting and functional training program that it is today is due to the balance that we cultivate in every class. We ensure that we guide you to work every muscle in your body in a way that supports posture and strength. 

Consider all that goes into a planning our classes:

  • We do as much back body work and cuing as front body, to help offset all of the frontal movements we do in our day to day activities. 
  • We help support mobility in your spine and joints by moving them through their different range of motions as well as stretching them in multiple directions. 
  • There are intentional balance challenges in each class to ensure you have the strength and stability to support yourself on one leg- giving you incredible pelvis and spinal support.
  • Our teachers have a long list of what they need to ensure they include in each of their classes. You’ll never take the same class twice but your body will feel the strength gained equally from every class attended because of our commitment to balance the entire body.
  • We incorporate both fun and very mindful moments to also help balance the mind-body connection and sense of joy that is so important to find in your life. 

The evolution of our classes comes from decades of physical practice myself, of collaboration with my incredible team whenever a new or creative idea comes up.  And oftentimes when we notice something missing for someone and we realize we can always continue to make it better.  Then we find the best way to add it into our curriculum. Hip strength and the ability to balance becomes more and more important as we age.

An example of this is from about ten years ago. I started taking more yoga classes and was amazed by the challenges I had with balancing.  I immediately brought this up to my team and we started working to make sure that balance was highlighted in each class. #alwaysbeastudent

Physical balance is important, but also finding balance in what you do outside of your physical practice can help support you in creating more equilibrium in your life. 

  • Balance in your relationships: Notice who you spend your time with. Prioritize time with yourself and with those that fill you up. Learn to say “no” when necessary and establish healthy limits to prevent overwhelm, dissatisfaction and burnout.
  • Balance in what physical activities you choose: Sometimes running can be an amazing physical and mental outlet but if you do it all the time it can wear and tear on the body. Take a bike ride, take a walk, try a yoga class, go rafting. Find other joyful ways to move your body to stay in balance.
  • Balance in your day-to-day choices and priorities:  The first step in achieving balance is recognizing our priorities. Take a moment to evaluate what truly matters to you — family, career, personal growth, health — and establish a clear hierarchy. By aligning our actions with our priorities, we can allocate our time and energy accordingly, creating a solid foundation for balance.
  • Balance for our souls: In our quest for balance, cultivating mindfulness is crucial. Mindfulness allows us to be present in the moment, fully engaging with our surroundings and experiences. Take time to practice mindfulness through meditation, deep breathing, or simply immersing yourself in nature. By being aware of the present moment, we can better navigate challenges and embrace life’s beauty.

I developed a 20 day program for summer called Summer Strong to help all of us manage balancing out our workouts and our time management during the busy and inconsistent schedules of summer. It offers various formats and lengths (15-45 minutes) that give you the opportunity, with where ever you are and whatever your schedule time restraints may happen to be, to still be able to take care of your mind/body and soul. Once you have access they are yours to keep and you can repeat as often as desired. The best part is that if you’re an Online subscriber you get access for free!

The art of balance is an ongoing practice that requires self-reflection, flexibility, and perseverance. It’s about making intentional choices, embracing priorities, and nurturing all dimensions of our well-being. By mastering the art of balance, we can experience a more fulfilled, harmonious life where success and contentment coexist. Remember, life’s demands will always be there, but how we navigate them determines our sense of equilibrium and overall happiness. Embrace the art of balance and watch as it unfolds its magic in your life. 

Wishing you a balanced journey, Jill Dailey