I believe most of you reading my blog are striving for longevity. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be engaged in a health platform like the Dailey Method. Our theme this month is “Daily Habits that create a lasting impact”.  It has been shown that consistently engaging in healthy habits can have a cumulative positive effect on your physical, mental and emotional health, ultimately contributing to a longer and more fulfilling life. I also believe that 3-4x/ week of The Dailey Method habits support that goal also 😉 – but you probably already know that.

There are multiple habits we already have, and so many more to choose to add to contribute to your goal of having a long and healthy life. It’s about finding the one(s) that motivates you to commit to and which are sustainable for your life. 

Turning daily habits into a fun experiment can make the process more engaging and motivating. Although we want to live a long time- let’s make sure the time we’re living we are enjoying and embracing life.

  • Set Positive Intentions: Instead of viewing habits as chores, frame them as exciting experiments to improve your well-being and discover what works best for you. Open yourself up to variety and explorations.
  • Try New Activities: Incorporate different forms of exercise or practices. Experiment with activities you’ve never tried before, like dance classes, hiking, or creative hobbies
  • Culinary Adventures: Explore new healthy recipes and cooking techniques. Experiment with various ingredients to create delicious and nutritious meals

Gamify Your Habits

  • Tracking Progress: Create a visual tracker or use habit-tracking apps to mark each successful completion of your daily habits. Seeing your progress can be motivating.
  • Rewards: Set up a reward system for yourself. For example, treat yourself to a small reward after a week of consistently practicing your habits.

Challenges and Themes

  • 21-Day Challenges: Commit to a 30-day challenge where you focus on a specific habit. Challenge yourself to stick with it for a month and observe the changes. One of my favorite challenges, Dailey Strength Challenge, is a great place to start! In 5, 20 minute workouts per week, you will work to gain full-body strength, increase metabolism and stamina, all while engaging and moving your body into optimal alignment. Complete the challenge 5 days a week for 4 weeks, we challenge you NOT to see and feel results.
  • Theme Weeks: Designate specific weeks to focus on different aspects of your well-being. For example, one week could be “Mindfulness Week,” during which you explore various mindfulness techniques. I personally love insight timer and we also have a wonderful meditation challenge online.

Social Engagement:

  • Buddy System: Invite a friend or family member to join you in your habit experiment. You can motivate each other and share your experiences.
  • Online Communities: Join online groups or forums related to the habits you’re cultivating. Share your progress, learn from others, and celebrate milestones together. We have a great community on our online platform!

Mindful Reflection:

  • Daily Journaling: Keep a journal to record your experiences, observations, and any positive changes you notice. Reflecting on your journey can make the experiment more meaningful.
  • Gratitude Practice: Incorporate a daily gratitude practice as part of your experiment. Reflecting on things you’re grateful for can enhance your overall well-being.

Visualization and Positive Imagery:

  • Future Self Visualization: Imagine the positive impact your habits will have on your future self. Visualize yourself healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.
  • Create a Vision Board: Use images, quotes, and words to create a vision board that represents the outcomes you hope to achieve through your habit experiment.

Playful Attitude:

  • Childlike Curiosity: Approach your habits with the curiosity of a child exploring

Remember, the goal is to make your daily habits enjoyable and sustainable. By infusing an element of curiosity, creativity, and positive energy into your daily habits, you’re more likely to stick with them and experience the benefits over time.

A simple one I’m going to do everyday is to tell myself and someone else in my life “I love you”. That’s powerful, takes very little time and will definitely have a last effect. 

I love you and thank you for reading this,

Jill Dailey