I started juicing a few years ago for the health benefits, several of which are listed below. At first the taste was new and somewhat difficult for me but over time, I came to love it and now my day is not complete without a fresh green juice! My current favorite is the Glow from Urban Remedy. I’ve also listed a recipe below that you can make at home.

Health Benefits 
1. By removing the plant fiber during the juicing process, you get a direct shot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and oxygen without your body having to expend the energy to digest. This helps nourish your cells and restore the immune system.
2. When you juice, you use more fruits and vegetables than you could actually eat. As a result, you are drinking a densely packed amount of vitamins, minerals and other plant-based nutrients, which are responsible for promoting health, vitality and energy.
3. Vegetables (especially green ones) are alkalizing. Many of the things we do in our daily lives (certain foods and drinks, stress, etc.) create an acidic environment (it is MUCH easier to become too acidic than it is to become too alkaline) so by juicing you help bring your pH levels back into balance.
4. Additionally, juicing helps to reduce inflammation leading to many benefits including: cleansing the body, improving the look of your skin and regulating digestion.
At Home Green Juice Recipe
2-3 cucumbers
1 head romaine
3-5 stalks of celery
3-5 stalks of kale
small bit of ginger
1/2 or whole apple or pear (if you want to sweeten it up a bit)
1/2 lemon
Juice. Sprinkle with turmeric and cinnamon. Squeeze lemon on top. Enjoy!
Happy Juicing,

— Jill