Time. The one thing we all find ourselves continuously wishing we had more of. Whether balancing a career, leading a household, pursuing further education or all of the above, it is more of an art than a science to manage your time and still have some left over for ME.

This summer, I wrote about Ways to Help You Align & Shine at your desk, keeping you strong when stuck at a computer for long hours. But for the times when you need a full workout and feel too busy, what can you do?

First, make sure you treat your workout as an appointment…an appointment with yourself. When I look at my week and make sure I have my own time to take class scheduled, it makes me feel better about managing the other appointments around me. It also is a reminder that I’m putting myself first (something we all have a hard time doing.)


This month we’re doing a 35 day challenge at my studios.  Challenging ourselves to take 20 classes in 35 days. This is making me even more motivated to get my classes schedules (gold stars go a long way!). But it’s not always easy, especially during the holidays.

I understand!

If you’re not able to make it into the studio, find ways to thread activities into your daily life. Last year, I gave you some tips on how to stay fit in your kitchen during the holidays (full Blog post here.) Find new and creative ways to find your neutral spine and plank on the go. And don’t forget to tag pictures of you #livingadaileylife and of what makes you thrive and #burnbrightdailey !

Still feel most motivated by class? Take Dailey, Whenever, Wherever! Since we began bringing you perfectly-timed workouts of all varieties, the feedback from all of you has been overwhelming. Having a way to get your workout in, 24 hours a day, makes it easy to stay in shape wherever you are. And we add in a new and different class almost every month! Traveling for work, at home with a new baby, or on vacation? – we are so happy to be able to offer you classes taught by our best!

Time goes quickly, it flies on past. We need to make sure we align ourselves to be able to squeeze the most out of it, truly be present and enjoy. And stay healthy and happy all along the way.

So despite the commotion of the holidays (and life in general), make time for yourself this season and bring in the New Year in complete alignment.

Breathe.You have time.



Photo by: In Her Image Photography