After a heavy year in blogging, I want to start 2012 off light and fun…makes me think fashion! People always tell me how fortunate I am that I get to spend so much time in comfortable clothing, and it’s true, but I want to make sure that I don’t look too casual or sloppy because often I’m going from work to errands, meetings, grocery shopping etc. without time to change.  Out of necessity, I have tried to master the “fitness clothing that can go anywhere” trend.  I have fun seeing how comfortable and presentable I can be at the same time!  Here is one of my favorite outfits right now:

1.   Beyond Yoga Long Cami – This is the best long length I’ve found and I love the fabric and color options.
2.   Zobha Hi-Rise Foldover Legging – I’ve been wearing these a lot lately. I love the high waist without seams and the great fabric.
3.   Chan Luu Scarf – This scarf is a great weight and fabric.  Last year I started wearing scarf’s constantly after attending a Chinese medicine lecture given by my friend Mary Arnold. She recommends wearing scarves because the nape of the neck can be a vulnerable area and explains that the neck is the point at which all the yang channels/meridians intersect; so it is a good idea to keep that area protected, especially when you are feeling vulnerable due to weather, lack of sleep or illness.
4.   Dino Everywhere Pull Over  – I honestly have one of these in every color!
5.   Lululemon Leg Warmers – I haven’t been able to find these recently, but I’m sure they’ll come back next year. Dino apparel has a good alternative with a fabulous stripe.
6.   Lulu Designs Necklace – This is one of my friend Stacy King’s designs.  She’s incredibly talented, versatile and cool.
7.   Uggs with Leg Warmers – When I first saw these I thought they must have been made especially for me-the more leg warmers the better!

– Jill