If you’re like me, you probably create lots of to-do lists for yourself and then multitask like a crazy person to get everything on your list done in the scant 24 hours you have a day.

There’s the morning routine, then the workday routine, plus midday errands and chores, then the afternoon/after school routine, then dinner prep and cleanup and bedtime routines. And then add on family time, if you’re a parent, and some quality time with your partner (if you want to stay in a happy relationship) and on and on and on. Heck, when I add it up, I realize I spend about four hours everyday working in the kitchen alone… How’s a gal to get it all done?

The straight answer is: You actually do have enough time to get done what’s important to you.

It’s time to stop trying to get everything done, and instead to focus on your priorities and let the rest go. Here’s the thing: the reason I spend four hours a day in the kitchen is because that’s actually something I choose to do. Healthy eating and homemade meals are a top priority for me and my family, so I choose to make time for that while choosing to not make time for watching TV (or doing laundry…).

“Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management.
Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.” ~ Betsy Jacobson

I love this quote. We struggle constantly with balance, which is a word many of us use to mean “getting it all done.” Chances are, there are a lot of things included in that “all” that don’t need to be on our to-do list.

It’s so easy to get caught up in doing things that really aren’t important to you. You can say that healthy eating is a top priority, yet when you look back over the way you’ve spent the last month, you realize you’ve been so busy that you’ve dined out or grabbed fast food more than you’d like to admit. Or maybe you’re trying to start a family, yet you and your partner spend each night working on your laptops until you both fall asleep because you’re trying to get work done. Of course, work needs to get done, but without some boundaries around the time you spend working, you can miss out on ever finding the time to connect with your partner so you can get around to…ahem…making those babies and raising your family.

Consider for a moment the things that you value the most. Some things that may come to mind are: family, health, financial security, honesty, fun, love, etc. To take control of your time, get clear on your values and priorities, and let them motivate you. If you spend your precious time on the things that are most precious to you, you get to feel satisfied and fulfilled. You have 24 hours every day to spend as you choose. Make your choices and enjoy them! – Lara (www.laragalloway.com)

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