Whenever I think of the word “patience,” I recall my mother telling me that she believes that perhaps the sole reason we have kids is to be taught patience. Well, maybe….but I feel that having patience is a challenge in all aspects of life, not just when parenting. I truly feel that practicing patience is a big part of having a healthy, balanced, happy life.  That’s why I chose to focus on patience as the TDM word of the month in August.

Having patience with myself is one of the hardest things.  It is not always easy to slow down and take the time to learn something new or to have patience with myself when I make mistakes, even though I know that I learn the most from mistakes. It is so important to slow down, especially when we are feeling like it just isn’t possible — it is. It’s not about getting through the class, the day, the meeting, the witching hour, whatever.  It’s about enjoying it, or even sometimes just not losing it, and having patience helps tremendously with both of those goals! 

Throughout our Dailey Method practice it is important to be “patient” with our selves and our bodies.  For new Students patience is key because it takes time to understand the alignment cuing and new exercise positions. They cannot expect to understand this method after one class but time will tell how effective this class truly is if they take the time and breath to stick with it.  Also there are often times that the most experienced Students need to practice patience with their bodies and minds.  Sometimes it’s important to slow down and truly listen to what’s going on in order to ingrain the perfect posture, get deeper into a position and to truly make the mind body connection.

Be patient with yourself first and foremost – you deserve it and so does everyone around you!

Happy August!

— Jill