I believe that almost everyone inherently knows the importance of nurturing oneself. Yet knowledge doesn’t always translate into action, at least not as a consistent practice. As a society we tend to prioritize helping others before assessing our own individual needs, whether that is physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual or practical. When we take the time to nurture ourselves (and model it!) it’s a sign of self responsibility for our own health and well-being. As well as sharing out to others that it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

We are all faced, each day, with stress anxiety and multiple types of stimuli. By making a commitment to engage in daily practices that take care of ME it can be pivotal for our well being and has a positive effect on healing our body, calming our minds and ultimately in lifting up our spirits.

It’s a true practice to give yourself permission to nurture yourself, to schedule space for you in your calendar. It’s a way to tell yourself that you are worthy and deserving of care. This doesn’t have to be a one hour time commitment- it can be 5-15 minutes to simply practice self love and relaxation. Create a simple practice of self love and relaxation so that the kind of nurturing you begin to practice takes you beyond just physical self care. It’s both for your body AND your soul!

One of the ways that we intentionally build a “nurturing’ experience into the front of our Dailey Method classes is by starting with the rooted breaths together. This moment allows us to ground everyone in the room, it supports us to become present, allows us all to receive oxygen and then gently nudges us to set an intention for our practice that day. These examples of what the breaths are designed to provide for you are several ways to nurture the most important people in our room – you.

Here are a few suggestions on ways to nurture yourself:

  • Put your hand on your heart and just breathe. Stop – stay with the rise and fall of your chest.
  • Sound- listen to music or try a sound bath. (I’m a big fan!)
  • Enjoy food that makes you happy, fulfills you and nourishes you. There are so many different ways to use this ritual! 
  • Build in movement- (of course!). Do what makes you feel good, connected, free, and happy. It can simply be a dance, first thing in the morning , to your favorite song, all by yourself. 
  • Nurture community. Make a date with a friend, have them over for coffee/tea. Connection with others nurtures us in ways that will last for hours or even days. 
  • Make space. One of the ways I nurture myself the best is to make sure my environment around me makes me feel settled. With 3 teenagers it seems impossible for me to make my whole house a sanctuary, yet, my bedroom is always clean, organized and a nurturing space where I am able to unwind and relax from the stresses outside its doors. 

Here’s to self nurturance. The quality of your life depends upon it. And you truly deserve it.