Music is pretty much always on my mind, but it has been even more so lately and inspired my blog topic this week. Yes, you’ve heard it… I LOVE Spotify. The quantity of music right at your fingertips is so fun and exciting. The opportunity it allows you to get inspiration from others, create, and change up playlists is truly life changing – if you have my life:). When I have a great playlist I know I teach a better class because I’m motivated and inspired. It’s also incredibly motivating to me as a student when my teachers have current, interesting and creative playlists. I make it a goal to always have a playlist that I love. Here’s my current spotify list that I’m taking to Chicago with me for the upcoming teacher workshop series (keep a watch on my instagramfor photos from that). Maybe it will inspire you to do a little thigh dancing or push-ups all on your own!  

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A couple of notes on how I design my playlists:
– I always have music in the beginning of my list that that doesn’t necessarily work for class but  for the student’s enjoyment while they’re entering and preparing for class. It sets the mood but still keeps a calm energy- we can pick it up once I put on the microphone!
– I try to have a balance of great new music and old music. I know students really appreciate hearing the new but also familiarity to music is really powerful when people are working deeply.
– I try not to use songs that have profanity but sometimes the song just demands to be played. My daughter Nico loves to help me find songs and she found All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor a couple weeks ago. She said “Mom there’s a couple bad words but it really has positive messaging.” Love! Done!
– I do my best to time my music so that one song will roll into the next. I use my playlist to keep me on track with timing. Now you know- if I have to rewind a song “uh oh!” it’s your 70 minute class.
Here’s some pointers on my current list just in case you want to envision where you’ll be during class for the different songs:
– My warm-upsong is Another Love by Tom Odell- LOVE this song right now!
– Big surprise! you’ll be in thighwork and back dancing with “my boy” Pitbull.
– You’ll be stretching during Battle Scars and Good Girls.
– Life of the Party is for Savasana, helping you walk out stronger, healthier and calmer.
Happy listening!

— Jill