What is the value in “knowing your why”?  Our “why” is essentially the core reason for why we do what we do. It’s the underlying motivation behind our actions and decisions and can be a powerful tool for staying focused and motivated. When you “know your why” it’s easier to have a sense of purpose. It can help guide you through life’s many ups and downs and can help you make decisions that are aligned with your values and goals.

When you have a clear understanding of ‘your why” it can help you stay motivated, push through challenges and overcome obstacles. It can guide you making decisions by understanding what’s truly important to you and what your ultimate goals are. 

Your why can also shift as you progress through life. It may be one thing when you’re graduating from college and considering a career, something different when you’re starting a family and possibly become more expansive once you’re entering retirement. You can search out or clarify your why through journaling, meditation, open conversations with friends, family or a therapist, or by exploring various ways of soul searching. By tuning into what is most important to you as the stages of your life change can be a very powerful tool in keeping you inspired, happy and fulfilled.

When I first started the Dailey Method, I knew my why was to help support people through mindful movement–to help people gain strength and confidence by moving their body in a fun, safe and highly effective way. Building community for myself and for those around me was also very important. 

When I started franchising, that same why was still at the forefront but took on a wider view. I wanted to help provide women an opportunity to become entrepreneurs and do the same thing I was doing in San Francisco within their own communities. I also wanted to allow them a chance to do what they loved, earn a great income and be able to be a present parent all at the same time with the child care option we had available.  

I recently did a deep dive into my why again. I wanted to make sure I was still aligned and making the right decisions that will continue to keep me motivated, focused and happy. I am still on the same path, although the actions or avenues on that path may have shifted slightly as life inevitably recalibrates. In my reassessment it was reassuring to know that what was so important to me still is. 

At the Dailey Method we have a “why” for not only each and every exercise we teach, but also for our cuing, our format and our culture. Our why has been front of mind through the evolution that the Method has taken over the last 23 years. 

For example:

  • We do a minimum of 10 minutes of back body focused work in every class. Why? because we know that our society moves primarily in a frontal plane and it’s a struggle for many to offset that – especially with all of our cell phone and computer use. We want to make sure that we help your back become and stay strong so you can have great posture and eliminate the tendency for back or neck pain. 
  • We have a choreography calendar that each Dailey Method teacher follows every day. This is built to ensure that there’s no overuse of certain muscles, that parallel and turned out exercises are balanced in each class from day to day and that our students receive a completely new experience each time they walk through our doors. 
  • We place a strong emphasis on spinal mobility in each class–working in exercises that target each plane your spine can move in. This helps you both stay mobile and flexible and also helps offset osteoporosis by keeping your bones strong. 

I honestly could go on and on about the whys we have built into our classes and teacher training. We know it’s just that important!

This month I invite you to stop for a moment and consider what it is that drives you in life? What motivates you to get up every morning and greet your day. Finding clarity in these questions can help you understand your “why” and help you find direction, purpose and fulfillment in life. Who doesn’t want that?

With love,