What makes the difference in the quality of our lives? What makes us feel balanced and happy? These are questions we all seek to answer in our lives. At The Dailey Method we try to stay grounded and guided by our Core Values, because they are WHY we do what we do. They define who we are and what we stand for. These values are what we base all decisions on, whether it is on a national or a local level. They are the foundation of our Core Member program and guide our training and continuing education. Since all of you are the reason Dailey Method is what it is today, we wanted to share these values with you.


To empower individuals to become their most vibrant and authentic selves through mind/body transformation within a compassionate and supportive community
Core Values:
Health – We naturally care for the bodies, minds and souls of ourselves, our clients and our communities through alignment, balance, compassion and human interaction.
Excellence – We value and require continuous education at all levels of our organization. Quality is at our core.
Evolution – We value intelligent growth and refinement. Always be a student.
Empowerment – We give clients the tools to become their personal best in a supportive and nurturing environment.
Authenticity – We believe in acting ethically and taking personal responsibility for our actions. Own it!
Selflessness – We give generously and intentionally of ourselves in every interaction.
Humor and Joy – We believe that physical practice guided by heart and science has the power to bring every individual more joy. Laughter is priceless.
I hope this helps you understand even better why we do what we do every day at TDM!
— Jill