We’re just over a week into our annual Align and Shine challenge! I hope all participants are feeling your glow. 

Our “ignite your glow” theme this month can be navigated brilliantly with Katina’s words of wisdom:

  • Ignite your best parts. 
  • Dim the ones that keep you small. 
  • Trust in uncertain paths. 
  • And forge fully into the parts of you that GLOW from the inside, out. 

When someone is glowing, whether it’s external or internal, it can be a highly attractive energy that sparks self confidence and attraction. Exercise is an amazing way to spark that inner and outer glow for yourself. It’s obvious when you take a Dailey Cycle or an Interval or Fusion class–you find yourself glistening with the literal physical glow of sweat. But the Barre Glow though less noticeable externally is felt when you walk out of class stronger, supporting better posture and carrying the success of mindful practice. The personal glow is enhanced when we’ve worked out with a friend or the community we know and love. Then we all glow together. 

I’d love to share a few products I have found to  ignite my external glow. 

MAELOVE THE GLOW MAKER is one of the first products I use every morning. It’s an antioxidant serum that contains vitamins C, E, ferulic acid and sodium hyaluronate. It’s incredibly affordable (especially compared to other C serums out there) and highly effective. I also love to layer their LOVE 31 face oil on the top. I’ve definitely learned, as I age, that using more oils on my skin really helps with fine lines and dryness and this one is amazing!

Overall, the LiILFOX brand is one I highly recommend.  One of my favorite products is their ACID GLOW, a moisture surge rapid retexture peel. I’ll use it after I wash my face in the morning or evening for a quick pick me up. 

Both of these  companies strive for excellence in natural ingredients and environmentally conscious production with an added bonus that you’re supporting small businesses and female entrepreneurs. 

There’s also nothing that helps you glow from the inside out like wisely choosing how you nourish your body. Food is an incredibly important component of both looking and feeling your best. One way to supplement your daily meal routine  is to incorporate cleanses. I know for my body, that I need to eat regularly, so deprivation types of cleanses don’t work for me personally. I really appreciate seasonal food cleanses and my friends Hillary Frederickson and Stephenie Riley. I love how supportive and accessible their cleanses are. Each time I learn something new that creates greater awareness of what my body needs and information to help support my daily choices. Their next one starts next Monday October 10th. f you’re interested in learning more about cleansing, check out this link.

I’d love to hear from you! What movement or exercise makes you glow? What are some other practices that help you get your glow on? By sharing and growing together we can ignite our glow in greater measure and shine brighter than ever!