As I reflect back, I really can’t believe that 10 years have passed since I began the Dailey Method. This experience has far surpassed any expectations I may have had or any aspirations that I ever imagined and I’m incredibly fortunate and happy at all that has transpired during this time.

Shortly after graduating from College in 1991 with a degree in kinesiology, I moved to San Francisco. In my search for where to begin my career, many different people helped direct me towards Pilates, which, at that time, was in the early stages of being publicly recognized. I completed the certified training for Pilates, loved it, and practiced it both privately and semi-privately for the next 9 years. During this time I was able to train other teachers and also incorporate more traditional fitness training and rehabilitation work into my format.

After several years of running a Personal Training/Pilates business with a partner, I realized that what I really wanted to do was to help people reshape their bodies in a more assertive manner while still maintaining the alignment and structural. What I didn’t realize is that through this process I would be able to help guide people beyond exercise so that it transferred to their day of standing taller, breathing deeper and feeling better. I also envisioned moving from teaching in a private setting to a class setting. I find that the energy and camaraderie in a group environment is a more effective model for most people.

Thanks to one of my faithful clients who had studied Lotte Berk for years in New York, I was introduced to this concept of exercising and quickly became intrigued and inspired by the possibilities. I visited New York several times and had the opportunity to take class and train with some of the amazing original Lotte Berk instructors. At this point, I determined that this type of group exercise was foundationally what I had been looking for. I returned to San Francisco and began to work at adapting this format using my kinesiology background and training while also incorporating my own creative style enhanced by my many years as a dancer in my earlier years and through college. This style has continued to evolve both creatively and therapeutically over the years as more and more research is done around the effectiveness of strong core conditioning.

I get an incredible amount of fulfillment from what I do because not only do I love what I do, but it makes people happy, it gives them confidence. It gives them a community. Sometimes it gives them a professional or a total lifestyle change. It’s affected so many people’s lives in an incredibly positive manner.

I want to thank all of our devotees, clients, friends and colleagues for helping guide this Method and create this family and make a true change in our bodies.

– Jill