The orange straps are a traditional part of the Dailey Method. We have used them from our inception to offer support, balance and stability for many of our exercises. Those straps will always remain a staple in our classes but recently we have introduced something new at many of our studios, therabands which we are calling Dailey Bands.

Dailey Bands l The Dailey Method

We love our gray Dailey Bands because they add resistance to work against that helps to gain optimal length in the spine and increase the engagement of the small stabilizing muscles around that length. Additionally they add more arm and upper back work into class in dynamic and isometric ways. They also aid in allowing students to find proper scapular (shoulder blade) stabilization which is an important component of healthy, defined shoulders and strong postural muscles.

Here are a few things to focus on when you begin using these bands:

  • Flat wrists – it’s important to maintain flat wrists as you work. The band should be between your  thumb and forefinger like weights.
  • If you hold higher on band you’ll have more resistance so if it is too much you can always lower your position on the bands to lessen resistance.
  • It’s a prop, like the ball –  so will only be incorporated in 3-5 exercises in class.
  • Take the option to use an orange strap instead of the band if you’re feeling unstable or don’t need the extra resistance that day.

I hope you enjoy this added resistance when Dailey Bands make their way to your studio!

— Jill