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Well, I would like to introduce you to my first follower! Susan Willrich who was the very first person to believe in TDM enough to want to have a studio of her own – the one who made me feel like I wasn’t out there dancing alone!

– Jill

How did you first learn about TDM?

My friend Tracey told me that I HAD to come try this class.  She knows me pretty well and was sure that I would like it! She was right and soon I was finding my way out to Jill’s class in Marin 3 x a week—I just knew that others would love it as much as I did and that I needed to bring it to Oakland and Berkeley, which I co-own with my amazing partner Kerry Corcoran.

What was it about the class that drew you in?
I have a dance, gymnastics and yoga background so I really liked that TDM contained the elements of so many other disciplines that I love and rolled them into one class—and then the great music sucked me in. After a few weeks I began noticing changes in my body that made me feel great. Nothing gave me the dramatic results that I quickly and efficiently gained at TDM. I found it very empowering, and I was hooked!
What’s the vibe at your studios?
We have always wanted to maintain a welcoming, supportive environment for everyone, and I think the fact that we have such a diverse clientele means we have been successful.  We work really hard at making sure our classes are fun and challenging while at the same time focusing on safety and alignment.
How has owning a Dailey Method impacted your life?
I know it sounds a little cliché, but I really do feel like I’m “livin’ the dream.” This is the perfect job for me.  I am making a living doing what I love, have really been able to find a good life/work balance and am both fulfilled and grateful. It’s so rewarding to watch clients transform themselves from the inside out. Almost every day a client will approach me with her (or his!) unique story of how TDM has brought their strength & self-confidence to a whole new level. It’s so gratifying to find those positive and authentic connections. Of course everything isn’t always perfect, but I’ve learned how to “lean into” the challenges of running a business. It has helped me to embrace growth and change, which has ultimately been good for both me and my business.
What is a perfect day in the neighborhood?

It begins with an unhurried breakfast with my family. I teach 2 classes, take 1 class. Lunch with a friend near one of the studios; we have the best restaurants in the neighborhoods near both studios! I go to Olivetto’s and Dopo whenever I can. They both make me feel like I’m on vacation in Europe.  I also love Summer Kitchen in Berkeley, which has a great Nantucket vibe (and a Dailey Method salad!)

Of course my perfect day includes and little bit of shopping, so after lunch we head over to McMullen in on Piedmont Avenue where I never fail to find something great even if I don’t need it—dangerous! Also, on a perfect day I have plenty of time to get my nails done at my favorite spot, Polish and pick up a great bottle of wine at Vintage Wines where they have an eclectic selection and give great advice–I always end up trying something new! I love to cook, so I might have to stop off at Market Hall to prep for dinner for my family & friends. They have it all: the highest quality organic produce, Hopiku Fish shop, Marin Sun Farms Butcher, fresh flowers. It’s heaven.

Summer is here, any great book recommendations?
Yes, I loved Anna Quindlen’s memoir Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake.  Aside from having a great title it is a poignant, funny and ultimately uplifting memoir on career, marriage, motherhood and friendships.   I find it so inspirational that she’s found life in her fifties to be the best time of her life. She feels like she’s finally arrived at her most authentic self. I hope to be able to embrace “maturing” in such a thoughtful and positive way.
I’m sure you are asked all the time for nutritional advice, what is your food philosophy?
I generally make a variety of fresh, colorful organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains the cornerstone of my diet. I love to enjoy a great meal with friends and it’s pretty easy around here to find local food that is healthful as well as delicious.  However, there are times when I eat things that are less that ideal! When I do, I don’t worry too much about it and just make sure that my next choice is a healthier one.  Doing the Dailey Method has also helped me to take better care of my whole body and that includes wanting to fuel my body with real, unprocessed food that is high in nutritional value and keeps me energized.
What have you found to be the most gratifying aspect of owning a Dailey Method?

I love the supportive community we have created of strong, interesting and accomplished women. I have seen people transform themselves and develop the confidence to do things they didn’t think they could and then take that confidence out of the studio and into the world.  That’s the best—it’s really a beautiful thing to see and be a part of!