My favorite CoreValue of all? Always be a Student.  

This is the reason why the I love my job the most in the Fall. Six times a year we hold what we call our “workshop intensives”, offering continuing education for all of The Dailey Method trainees, teachers and owners around the world. In the Fall we hold them once a month September through November, beginning in Chicago, then to Southern California (this year Venice Beach) and wrapping up this weekend in Fairfax and San Francisco.

Undoubtedly my favorite part of my job is teaching classes and training teachers. I get to do this in mass along with the Dailey Method Master Teacher Trainers because we generally have 50+ people participate on any given day. Our workshop intensives are also an incredible opportunity for me to continue to learn and be inspired by the many talented, intelligent people that are part of our Dailey Method family. Our shared passion for The Dailey Method and it’s continuing upward evolvement creates an energy that feeds the love of learning in all of us.  

We vary the workshops’ subjects throughout the year and this series was my favorite to date. We continued our training using our new resistance band props, defined The Dailey Method language through our primary (Align, Engage, Move) and secondary (Stabilize, Space, Support, Smile!) alignment principles and got a deeper understanding of the shoulder girdle and how to optimize the strength, support and fluidity of movement in this complicated part of our anatomy. Dailey Method anatomy training is offered as well as master classes to illustrate how to take all of the information from our workshops and use it in a real class setting. There is something for everyone in our intensive series. From brand new teachers in training to seasoned teachers and studio owner’s, everyone leaves inspired and armed with the tools and knowledge to bring the ultimate in alignment, balance and results home to Dailey Method students around the world.

My biggest take-away from the workshops this year was truly appreciating how the language of the Dailey Method and our secondary alignment principles in particular apply to my world outside the studio as well. I left the workshops feeling inspired not only to continue to grow in my practice as a Dailey Method student and teacher, but also in my life as a friend (to myself and others) mother and partner.
Here’s to always being a student,

— Jill