Paris Travelogue—Spring 2012!

I am just back from a whirlwind trip to Paris!  It was so much fun teaching master classes and workshops at my sister Kelly’s beautiful brick Dailey Method studio in the tree-lined 16th arrondissement. I really enjoyed meeting all of her wonderful instructors and seeing their passion for the Method and their love of learning.
I took my daughter Nico (10) along; it was her first visit overseas.  My mom was there too – so lots of Dailey women roaming the city!  We did as much exploring as possible in our free time.  I particularly love the flower markets all over the City.  The way the arrangements are placed in makeshift vases is such a great idea for presenting flowers when you don’t have a vase on hand.  I’m inspired to try it myself!

Of course looking at the fashion around Paris is always fun –saw a lot of oversized coats and blazers (yes, think 80’s) and majorly ripped jeans! The Marais is a funky neighborhood with lots of energy; it’s fantastic place to stay, shop and eat. One of my favorite shops is Zadig & Voltaire 44 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois 75003 Paris.  They have great clothes and accessories.

We had a truly memorable meal at Ja Ja also in the Marais. I highly recommend it! 

One of the things I really appreciated about Paris was actually sitting (and not in the car!) while drinking my coffee.  I need to do more of that.  It’s a great opportunity to sit down with a friend and linger a little.  Not to mention that it skews the actual to virtual human interaction ratio in the favor of the actual, which I prefer!  That brings me to my next observation, or question really.  Why isn’t everyone on their devices in public the way they are here?  It was refreshing! 

Ah, Paris in the spring…I hope to make it a habit!

– Jill