Welcome to the new Dailey Method® Blog. Each month I will focus on topics and information to help enhance your experience at our studios. If you have an idea or question, feel free to let me know. I started this Method almost ten years ago because I knew it was the safest, most effective way to help people achieve their best personal physique. Over time, The Dailey Method has continued to evolve based on my deep knowledge of the body and movement in addition to the constant inspiration and dedication of our team. Why? Because I believe we can always improve our bodies and fitness levels. This improvement is directly connected to the importance of being challenged both mentally and physically. If it is the same workout every time you lose mental engagement which negatively affects the mind-body connection that is so important for our health and well-being.

It’s a New Year and all of us at the Dailey Method are looking forward to helping our clients get stronger, healthier and more fit throughout 2010. One hope we have for the year is to help you learn how to improve the alignment of your spine for better posture and overall relief of physical tension and stress.

The Dailey Method is known as an exercise that is challenging and incredibly effective. But beyond making you stronger and more toned; you also gain better alignment of your entire body. Aligned positioning is imperative in rehabilitating long term injuries and also in offsetting any that could occur. It also makes you look and feel stronger and more confident.

All of our studio owners from here and abroad gathered together for a retreat this past October in Scottsdale. We collaborated to refine our technique, and evolve some of our traditional exercises. Much of our focus was on working the spine in a “neutral position”. It’s pretty incredible how few people know how to find and maintain their personal neutral spine. Neutral is the healthiest, most lengthened position for the spine and creates freedom of natural movement. We came up with some amazing ways to teach people a truly neutral spine position by just sitting up correctly and engaging their deepest core musculature. We barely move and it’s exhausting and challenging. We hope that this will transfer to their daily lives to create an increased awareness of their movement in addition to a healthier spine.

Alignment can lead to a sense of well being. If you are aligned correctly you have good posture. When you have good posture you look and feel more confident. Additionally by focusing your mind on the spine first and then engaging the musculature around that center you are keeping your mind engaged in your movement and self, which can have a meditative effect. Exercise is an escape for many people. If it can be a physical and mental one at the same time – that’s an incredible time saver.

Happy and Healthy is what we all want for you and ourselves for this exciting New Year!

– Jill