Chicago is an amazing city to visit or live, and with recent Chicago Cubs World Series win, we wanted to share some of our personal favorites: places to eat, things to do and where to shop. We reached out to two of our Dailey Method Chicagoland studio owners Leanne Kurtzweil (TDM Northbrook & North Shore) and Tami Conway (TDM Chicago – Bucktown, Chicago – Lincoln Park & North Shore) to give recommendations of their favorite spots… and they’re pretty cool people so no doubt they’re great suggestions to mark for your next trip to Chicago! Enjoy!
Tami’s Favorites: 
Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world!  My husband constantly reminds me that it it the greatest city in the world six months out of the year!  He doesn’t care for our winters!  Should your travels bring you to Chicago, I wanted to share a few things to do while visiting the Windy City!  By the way, if you had always assumed that Chicago earned its nickname as the Windy City from the chilly gusts coming off Lake Michigan, you would be wrong. The city is windy, according to most local legends, because of the hot air bellowing from politicians during it’s early days.
Where to Eat:
 Yikes!  This is a tough one!  One of the things I love about Chicago are the endless options for food and drink.  Abound with accolades from Michelin to James Beard, Chicago is one of the most diverse and exciting culinary cities in the world.  Where should I start?

For breakfast: One of my favs is Toast.  Toast has two locations, one near my Bucktown studio and one near my Lincoln Park studio.  The environment is casual and the food is comforting and plentiful.  Toast boasts (pun intended) some of the best coffee in the city!

For lunch:  During the warmer months, one of my favorites is Big Star in Bucktown.  A taco, tequila and whiskey watering hole, Big Star has one of the best patios in the city.  It’s perfect to unwind under the sun after completing your Dailey Double at the Bucktown location!

For dinner:  Gosh where do I start here?  As I mentioned earlier, Chicago has so many restaurants which have been awarded the most prestigious awards in food.  One of my favorites for people watching, steak and wine is Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf.  If you are looking for something a little on the lighter side, I love Wasabi in Bucktown for sushi and ramen.  I would crazy to leave out my favorite (as long as someone else is paying), Alinea.  It’s one of the best in the world!  For Chicago style pizza, I love Pizzeria Due!

Places to Go:

Wrigley Field: Home of the Cubs:  HELLO!?  Can you say 2016 World Series Champs?  Go on a sunny day and it’s one of the best outdoor beer gardens for 40K+ people!

Willis Tower (really called the Sears Tower):  At 108 stories and once the tallest building in the US (now the second), the Willis Tower has an observation deck complete with “The Ledge”, 4 glass boxes than allow patrons to walk 108 stories outside the building and over the streets of Chicago.  Not for the faint of heart.

Architecture Boat Tour:  One of my favorite things to do in Chicago during the summer months with guests in town!  There are many options here.  Take one of the boats up the Chicago River and learn about Chicago’s storied architectural history.  This is a must do!

One of my favorite things about my city is the wide variety of cultural activities to do.  I’m not sure if you are aware or not but, our city is challenged by winter weather!  These places never close and are great during the winter months when no one wants to be outside.

The Field Museum: The Field Museum of Natural History, also known as The Field Museum, is a natural history museum in Chicago, and is one of the largest such museums in the world.  Be sure not to miss one of the many “traveling exhibitions” which make frequent stops around the world.  Located next to Soldier Field and the Museum Campus, The Field Museum is the largest museum in the campus.

Shedd Acquarium: The Shedd is great for the whole family!  My kids never get tired of going, especially on wintery days.  It is surrounded by Museum Campus Chicago, which it shares with the Adler Planetarium and the Field Museum of Natural History.  At one time, The Shedd was the largest indoor aquarium in the world with over 32,000 animals!

The Art Institute of Chicago and The Modern Wing:  The Art Institute and Modern Wing have some of the best collections of art in the country.  You’ll recognize many of the artists and the works that made them famous.

Leanne’s Favorites:



Where to eat:

Breakfast/Lunch: True Juice . A local Winnetka, IL Juice shop with more than just juice!  I love any place that offers fresh, real food options in addition to cold pressed juice. BUT I have recently fallen in with the Pumpkin Smoothie (I add Kale and avocado to mine to get my greens) for breakfast on the go.   If you are ever looking for a “healthy” splurge – the TJ Cappuccino is indulgent, yet sugar, dairy, gluten free – which makes it clean, yet incredibly good!

Dinner: WasabiIt is impossible to pick a favorite in all of Chicago, but I also love Wasabi. Our latest ‘find’ is Wasabi, which is on the edge of Bucktown / Logan square / Humboldt park. The vibe never disappoints, it is a wide variety of clientele and they have great sushi (my favorite) and ramen (his.)

Where to Shop:

Juniper NorthbrookA quintessential boutique in the heart of Northbrook’s downtown never disappoints – from jeans to dresses and everything in between – when I need something for a night out – it is my go-to spot! If you live near our Northbrook or North Shore studios – it is a must!

Things to Do:

In the Summer, go to one of Chicago’s amazing beaches; I have recently discovered many of the smaller beaches along the North Shore and they might be one of our best kept secrets!  This summer my boys loved going to Lighthouse Beach in Evanston – the water is really shallow their so they can swim comfortably and of course they love playing in the sand for hours – which can make for a pretty peaceful afternoon with kids.