The Dailey Method: Best of 2015 Playlist

Music helps to inspire and motivate me, both in the classroom and in life. When I Iove my playlist I know I teach a better, more creative and fun class. When I appreciate the music that’s playing when I’m taking a class, I work harder and stay more focused.

Music is very personal, and I know many people are truly passionate about their preferences. But if chosen correctly it can also be universal. I listen for music that makes me want to dance or sway. When I can’t sit still, no matter what the tempo is, I know it’s a great song for my class!

I have recently begun to keep my playlists longer than I used to, because I’ve learned I can choreograph and flow better as a teacher when I really know my music. I generally create a new playlist on Spotify for each month but will pull a few songs from the previous month. Throughout the month I will add a couple more in and pull the extras to the bottom of the playlist where they stay but don’t get played. If it’s a song I absolutely love, it could stay in rotation the whole month but I’ll move it to different exercise sections (marching to c-curve, to seat work, to round back).

This playlist is a list of the songs that I held onto in 2015. Each time I heard it I felt motivated to smile and give my best energy. As a teacher, when I do that, it’s bound to encourage that in my students. It’s either a happy song or powerful song, that feels good and makes you want to dance or helps you be more present. A song that inspires my students to walk up to me after class and say “what was that song you were playing during…..?” That’s when I know I got it right! It makes me truly happy when I know I’m making others happy through my musical choices.

Life is way more fun when you move through it to music!

See full playlist here.

Listen! Enjoy! Move!

— Jill