Here is a list of some of my current favorite products.

TizoSolar Protection Formula: This is one of my favorite finds. It’s a sunscreen (SPF 40), primer, and has a tint all in one – it’s kind of magic. If I’m really lazy it’s the only thing I will put on my face. I highly recommend you try it!

GlydermIntense C Serum: I believe a crucial product for anti-aging and healthy skin is a C serum. I recently found this one that’s a great compound and a good price. It’s interesting because it has a little warming effect when you put it on which I like because it makes it feel potent.

JinSoon Nail Polish: I love this line. They have GREAT colors and are free of harsh chemicals. Debonair is my current favorite for my toes. I always do one coat only of nude on my fingers. It’s the only way to maintain the semblance of being continually well groomed without having to do my nails every week. 🙂

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream: Even before my experience with breast cancer, I’d been on a continual search for the ideal natural deodorant. There are quite a few out there that work okay but I’ve yet to find the perfect one. It’s only been a couple days so far but I’m optimistic. I’ve heard many people rave about so I’m hopeful!
Happy, healthy, beautiful!
— Jill