1. Come hydrated and fill up your water bottle before class. It’s good for your muscles… and it sucks if you have to miss part of barre stretch to go get water!

2. Find the spot in the room that will set you up for success. If you’re newer to class try to be upfront or near the mirror so can use it to self correct. If you’re hard of hearing then place yourself closer to the speaker. If you’re sensitive to loud music move away from the speaker. Also important – if you have a chatty friend in class separate yourselves so you won’t distract each other!

3. Get there early. There is nothing worse than being rushed. By getting there a few minutes early you will have the time to transition from mom or work mode into workout mode. It also gives you a better opportunity to get your favorite spot in the room.

4. Set an intention for the class. What is it that you want to get out of class today? Maybe you are sore and really want to focus deeply on the stretches or you need some stress release or deep breathing to help you through a difficult time. Take advantage of this hour for yourself to truly connect your mind and body.

5. Be present! Let your time in the studio be about you and only you. No phones, no thinking of your to-do list – I know, easier said than done! Dedicate those 45 or 60 minutes to you and you alone. Coming back to your intention throughout class can help you stay present.

6. Leave expectations at the door. Every day is a different day and that is why this is a practice. Today might be the day where need to hold back a little bit and use lighter weights or it might be the day you can stay full form in plank or press both hands up in round back. Listen to your body, honor it and let it guide you.

7. Practice gratitude. It really is amazing what our bodies are able to do. The next time you fall out of a balance pose or feel the need to reset the position, take a moment to appreciate what you have already accomplished in that hour and the opportunities that allow you to be in the room.

8. Smile! When you allow yourself to enjoy what you’re doing, and not take it so seriously, I promise it’s easier! Attitude has a tremendous affect on experience. Listen to the music or your teacher’s jokes – smile at the stupid ones too, it makes us feel good :). Allow the positive energy in the room to connect you to your positive energy.

Wishing you the best class yet,

— Jill