“Energy flows where intention goes.”

– J. Redfield


As I discussed last week, January is the month to reflect and work on evolving the person you are, to be your Authentic self and to direct your energy towards what you want to manifest in the coming year.


We are constantly taken back by our Dailey Method studio owners, their authenticity, and how they continue to inspire and motivate in their communities. We have gathered some of their intentions for the year and would like to share with you how they are shifting and evolving in 2017.


CONNECTION                                 BALANCE                           MINDFULNESS                           SIMPLIFYING


Intentions around enriching connections with family and self…


I’m going to look up more throughout my day and notice the people around me. Make eye contact, say hello, connect. Step one started for me already by removing Facebook from my phone. Will still check it at home on my computer but I want to be less focused on my phone and more focused on the world around me as I move about my day.”


“Carve out time daily to do something for me. Even if it’s 15 minutes sitting to enjoy a cup of tea and silence or a nice hour long walk. More self-care!”


“To bring quality to the time I spend with the people that I love.”


“To enjoy my family and the fact that we have 4 generations living within 5 miles of one another. Create awesome memories for my kids with their grandparents and great grandparents.”


Intentions around finding balance in a fast-moving world…


“To be more patient; stop and take 3 deep breaths before transitioning to the next task throughout the day


Balance in work, play, family and social time!”


“Compare less, practice contentment, do my own thing in my happy place, my studio, and not so much what the fitness industry dictates.”


“To be aware of my needs and not afraid to prioritize them.”


Intentions around mindfulness…


“TO be present!”


“Focus on being versus doing.”


“Be present in the moment and make a difference to at least one person every day.”


“To use stillness and mindfulness to create more inner peace and balance in my life.”


Intentions around simplifying…


“Live simply. Less is more.”


Whether you are looking to channel your 2017 energy inward towards the best self possible, focus on more around you, or both – we hope that our owners have inspired you to work towards what you want to see this year!