If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. Dalai Lama

Compassion is a hot topic right now. And that absolutely lights me up. I feel like I inherently am, and definitely want to be, a compassionate person. But that is not always the easiest route. Nor what we’re generally role modeled.  But now with teachers, workshops and communication around compassion so readily available to us -we all have the tools to hone this quality. We are given the opportunity to be the most compassionate versions of ourselves. And that is a life stride I’ll keep pushing forward.

Recently, I’ve been listening to Oprah SuperSoul Conversations (love!). A recent one that hit home for me was with Daniel Pink. I related when he mentions to ask yourself first thing in the AM if you’re better today than you were yesterday. My interpretation of his message is not that EVERYTHING has to be better in order to say yes. That would be simply unobtainable. The things that currently are the most relevant in my life and the ones that pop into my mind first are the ones by which I strive to evaluate my own success. For example: Did I take the time to get my workout in? Did I tell and show my kids I love them in my very best way? Did I accomplish what I HAD to accomplish yesterday? (I never accomplish it all – again – unobtainable).

Daniel said that he usually doesn’t have two “No days”  in a row. If he gets a No one morning, he’s more motivated to make a paradigm shift right then and there so that the next day it will be a Yes. Having self compassion while maintaining focus on self betterment is the way I intend to keep working. Aiming to wake up every day with a Yes!

I believe having compassion for other people is the only way to truly connect and that connection with others is the only way to live our fullest life. I have a practice of trying to stop and notice whenever I feel conflict with a person or a group. I do this by thinking about how it’s making me feel, and also and more importantly, by trying to sense how  they are feeling. I try to understand their feelings around the situation. When I practice this, I often realize that the current conflict isn’t really the issue. I find that if I step out of taking the conflict personally and try to understand what others are experiencing, we usually can create a resolution that serves everyone. Which leads to stronger and more connected relationships.

One of my favorite Oprah podcasts is her interview with Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn). This is a man who leads with compassion as the priority. I found the interview and his message so powerful and it definitely inspires me to lead by his example. I asked my entire company to please listen to it. In our professional and also personal lives, there is so much more positivity, productivity and life satisfaction when we’re relating to the people in our lives from a place of compassion.

Compassion for self is hugely important for our health. We all make mistakes, but we don’t have to live in them for one more minute than it takes us to acknowledge it, learn from it, and forgive ourselves. We shouldn’t spend the beautiful space we have in our lives by living with regret. Say you’re sorry to yourself. Say you’re sorry to the others it may have affected. And move forward decisively not to repeat the same mistake. That’s how we all learn and grow.

Compassion for your physical self is something we hope to help engrain in our students at The Dailey Method. We believe that every single person who spends time at our Studios should be able to receive positive benefits. We offer classes that are accessible to all body types and ages. We do our best to offer a space where every person feels accepted and invited. We provide community and company. We love what we do and want to share it with others because we want to help make our world healthier and happier. It happens here. We hear it all of the time from students and we believe it because we’ve experienced it ourselves.

I’m truly grateful for what I, and all of the passionate people that have been by my side have built; a place for all of us to be in an environment of compassion that gives us the space to hone our own best compassionate skills.

With LOVE and a YES

Jill Dailey