be·gin – start; perform or undergo the first part of (an action or activity)


When I reflect on the word “begin” my thoughts are pulled towards those of intention, thoughtfulness, allowance of space, breath and awareness.

The way we begin something sets the tone for the entire process and ultimately affects our end result. In a Dailey Method class, we always begin our practice with a few deep breaths in order to bring us more present. It’s a way to center ourselves in our space, it allows us to arrive at the door of our practice and then settle into our bodies. It gives us the opportunity to truly be in the moment and move forward with an intention of newness. 

I love the word “begin” because it’s reflective of the here and now. I was listening to a Master Class recently with Jon Kabat-Zin, a meditation teacher. I loved how he expressed (my words not his) how every current moment is the space from where we move forward. It gives us the opportunity to continually begin anew. We all have regrets in our life but focusing on them will never be productive. In fact, giving ourselves an allowance to leave those shortcomings in the past and then move forward from the present moment onward, frees us of negativity and is a true gift. It’s a place where only “the now” exists. This awareness gifts us the space and grace to believe in our best selves from here onward – each and everyday. This is immensely powerful for me and can be truly life transforming. 

As we approach the Spring and all of the awakening and renewed energy the season brings, I am filled with gratitude. After all, the winter we’re each coming out of has not been an easy one. That said, as we practice the concept I mention above, and decide to begin again – I believe this undoubtedly will lead us towards boundless possibility. 

Let’s “begin” a new month on a new foot, together, If we each focus on this small intent great things will make their way to our horizons.

Other thoughts I had when reflecting on beginning anew are:

  • Sometimes a “pause” is the best beginning. Begin a response to a question or interjection into a conversation with a pause. This can be such a powerful way to not only ensure you’re truly listening, that the other person is being heard, but also give you the space to really say what you mean, not always the gut reaction or what you feel.
  • I absolutely love beginning my day with an affirmation. From the moment I wake up I try to think of something positive to align my day with that energetic path. It’s as simple as  “it’s going to be a great day” or “I’m happy”. A friend of mine begins his day by setting his alarm to a song that brings positivity into his thoughts. He changes it monthly but the current one is “Love and Happiness by Al Green. ❤️

Here are ideas from Katina to think about BEGIN in your Dailey Method practice:

  • In the start of class, when marching, envision that this march or lift is your first step to begin anew. Be intentional each time and feel your strength, power and perseverance that will see you onward towards great things – including a great class to build strength and support your body and health.
  • When you’re holding a position – close your eyes and from the ground up, begin a sequential check of each body part in space. Own the space you take up on your mat and notice the exact moment you begin to feel an exercise you know so well differently. 
  • When you need a reset- acknowledge that it is NOT giving up! It’s the BEGINNING of you preparing yourself for a powerful finish to this exercise. If you have come out of position, take a breath – gather your strength and smarts and BEGIN again! 

Every single moment of every single day is your opportunity to begin anew. Embrace it and embrace yourself. You’re beautiful, amazing and can accomplish anything you set your mind on.