Change is a great word for April because it’s a time of year when we experience natural shifts around us that encourage us to change certain winter behaviors. The weather begins to move to warmer days and nights which instigates change in our activities. We move from indoor to more outdoor activities, we shift our diet from soups to salads, and change our wardrobes, since we no longer need the warm sweaters or jackets. Summer’s on the horizon, winter is on its way out. It’s an exciting time of year and usually welcomed because to most, the changes feel positive. In general, however, people tend to struggle with change in their lives or certain circumstances, especially if they feel the changes are happening to them or are outside of their control.  

Change is difficult: It’s easier to keep things as they are and to remain stagnant where things are comfortable, reliable, and predictable.

Change is scary: With change comes the unknown. The unknown presents, to many, situations that cause fear and trepidation. We have the tendency to avoid the unknown because it’s uncomfortable.

Change has potential to help one expand and grow: This is the transition in life where there is opportunity to shift us towards something greater than what we’re already doing. With change comes the power to do things differently, and ideally move us to a place where we end up doing better or at least learning from the experience and gaining a deeper understanding of our capabilities and strengths. To reject change versus embrace it, it is possible that we may never get the opportunity to grow and truly meet our greatest potential.

This is an all present word for me right now because we’ve recently had some changes inside corporate at The Dailey Method. The transitions with these changes have been difficult and at times very scary but I’m choosing to embrace changes potential! What remains consistent is my goal to continue to make The Dailey Method one of the best things you can incorporate into your life for your body, your mind and your community. My goal is for The Dailey Method to provide a place where your lifestyle, your friends, and your health all come together in one place. My commitment is to continue to offer the best classes, highest level of training and innovation with an intention to do the absolute best for people’s mind, body and soul. You may notice positive shifts occurring inside The Dailey Method because we believe that to remain stagnant is a hindrance on the ability and necessity to grow. We will continue to evolve and strengthen from the inside, out. That’s the kind of change that I believe we should all embrace.

In your practice: Notice transitions between variations and each exercise as your opportunity to embrace change. There is a shift from the focus of engagement either subtly (for example) from one part of your gluteal muscles to the next, as in seat work, or from one major muscle group to another, as in abdominal work into seat work. Don’t lose the prior engagement, utilize it to support you in the shift and refocus to the new one.  Another place you can change simply is the flow of your breath. I tend to cue inhalation on the lengthening component of the exercise and exhalation on the engagement. Try to mix it up to keep your mind present and see if it creates a difference in your ability to hold or relax into your practice.

In your life: Embrace change as something that’s happening WITH you, FOR you, not TO you. Don’t be afraid of things being different or not being certain of exactly what’s going to happen. Open your mind and heart to allowing things to be uncomfortable and seeing where you can personally shift along side that discomfort. To make a change in yourself and your life, be open to expanding yourself further in this world. Open yourself everyday to greater possibilities, opportunities and greatness.

We at the Dailey Method are embracing change this month. Join us!