Last week was the 4th Annual Dailey Method Women’s Health and Happiness Retreat in Sayulita Mexico.

This has truly become one of the highlights of my year and with each passing year the experience becomes even more special to me.

This year is was such a success we’ve decided to do two retreats next year to give even more of you an opportunity to participate! If you’re interested in being on the mailing list, register here.

Here are the highlights of this year’s Retreat:

Bonding with some of my closest female friends:

This retreat started because my children’s Pediatrician, my friend, and my wise mother figure Lindy Woodard, had the vision and made it happen along with her amazing team at Quatro Productions. Each year I go with the Piedmont and Berkeley Studio owner and one of my best friends Susan Willrich.


I love how year after year there are always new people to get to know and to learn from, and people that repeat because they love it so much they want it to continue to be part of their yearly journeys also.

Dailey Method classes every day under the palapa:


Dailey Method Studio owners, Laurie Henman (Burlingame), Carrie Krane (Denver and Boulder), and Susan Willrich (Piedmont).

There is nothing better than doing it dailey to the sound of the ocean, with a warm breeze blowing on your face. If I could figure out a way to do this in Marin, it would happen in an instant!

And if they didn’t get enough during their two classes a day they would go do some more on the beach. 🙂


Women’s Curriculum:

Besides the Dailey Method there’s an amazing women’s curriculum that encourages introspection on your relationship with yourself and others in your life. Hearing others’ stories and knowing that we are not alone in our personal struggles provides tremendous comfort and reassurance.

And not to mention the meditations, the sunset ritual on the beach, cooking lessons, skin care, dancing, and laughing (and of course the occasional margarita)!


Oh, and did I mention there’s amazing food and shopping in Sayulita?


This is an invaluable few days for me and a reminder of how important it is to and take the time to care wholly for ourselves. I’m grateful and I feel renewed!  

Thank you to everyone that makes this retreat the amazing experience that it is!

Hope to see you next year!

— Jill Dailey