Quiet the mind and the Soul will speak.”

  – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati


I chose Soul for the Word of the Month because of the depth it represents. It’s akin to February’s WOM Passion and the fire within but brings to mind an even deeper sense of self. A powerful notion, it is often thought of as our life force, our vitality or our true essence.

I love the phrase “Let Your Soul Shine” which may have been coined by Spiritual Gangster – the masters of making us exclaim our soul’s intent on our tank tops. But if our soul is shining it results in a true inside-out radiance, a raw bare-it-all of who we are.

The simple act of nurturing our soul should be a priority for full contentment. Do what you love and what speaks to the inner you and it will show.


“The authentic self is the Soul made visible.”

-Sarah Ban Breathnach


Let Your Soul Shine this month!