“Give Yourself Grace”

This time of year can be pretty crazy! We can create unrealistic ideas of what we should do or what things should look like, then put high expectations on ourselves to make everything happen perfectly. When the scenarios we’ve created don’t play out as planned, we get down on ourselves. Instead of feeling uplifted and joyful, we end up feeling disappointed or inadequate. This is why it is so important to give yourself grace and honor the reality that you are perfectly imperfect–in Dailey Method and in life!

Grace can be defined as the exercise of giving love, happiness, mercy, or favor, to someone or to oneself. Teachers of Dailey Method, encourage our students to move into this season by finding moments to give grace to themselves throughout their Dailey Method practice. 

Here are a few suggestions of how you can do this for yourself in class or just in life:

Embrace yourself as you are right now. Take inventory of the expectations you set for yourself and let go of any that may be based on comparison. Find challenging moments, such as a plank hold or neutral spine chair, and stop to truly listen to your body. If a modification or rest is what you need, take it, appreciate it, and love yourself for it! If you find yourself in a difficult conversation or social interaction with someone in your life, allow yourself space to stop and listen to your heart. If a break from the engagement feels important, allow yourself to come back to it at a different time, vs. saying something that may not serve you or the relationship.

Speak to yourself with kindness. Pay attention to your self communication during class and throughout your day. Replace any negative self-talk with something that is positive, encouraging, and joyful. It can be so hard to find the good in ourselves but honoring your individual abilities and strengths is a wonderful way to give yourself grace.

Create a mantra. Try offering a mantra that feels appropriate to whatever situation you are in. Silently repeat it to yourself whenever you feel challenged in your day. I am capable. I am enough. I am amazing. I am here. I love myself. I forgive myself. I am harmonious. I am balanced…something uplifting that can easily be repeated until it becomes an ingrained belief. 

Learn and celebrate! We are not perfect, we are fluid, emotional beings. Consider the gift of grace as an opportunity to be kind and gentle to yourself as you move through life. Making mistakes is not only part of being human, these experiences often become our greatest life lessons. The moment we begin to come down on ourselves for our perceived shortcomings, we lose the opportunities to learn and grow. Reframe your thinking this month. If you notice yourself feeling guilty, frustrated, or inadequate, give yourself grace. Forgive yourself, and remember that the goal is not to be everything and do everything but to show up as the most authentic version of yourself each and every day.

With Love,