My Day in Sayulita:

Last week was the 5th annual Women’s Health and Happiness retreat in Sayulita, Mexico. This is truly one of my favorite weeks of the year. I get to connect with and learn from wise and introspective women who love to teach from their experiences. And I get to teach and take Dailey Method classes every day (now that’s my everyday life too but not under a Palapa!) Oh – and lie on the beach, eat Mexican food, play with my friends. What’s not to like?

Generally I write a blog post about what I take away from this rejuvenating yearly retreat, but this year I decided to let you see for yourself…

Two of my favorite people and teachers. Katina Griffin, Master Trainer, and Susan Willrich, owner of the Dailey Method Piedmont and co-owner of the Dailey Method Berkeley.


Dailey Method under the Palapa.


A margarita with Charlotte Caplan- A friend I made 5 years ago on this retreat. It’s an annual thing for her! This is our favorite taco stand. We LOVE the hibiscus quesadilla’s and the fixings!


This happens when your fancy friends come and rent a golf cart. I usually hoof it everywhere.


I adore the dream catchers.


Shopping at the Friday market. So many talented and unique artisans.


The best part of the day.

Meet up at the beach (obviously I just said something really funny!)

Katina is getting smudged by Dr. Hillary Frederickson on the beach for a clearing ritual.


Totems we made.

The team: Susan Willrich, Me, Lindy Woodard and Fay Freed

Our 2017 Women!

As you can see this is a happy place. I believe we need to take time and space to recharge to be truly healthy and thrive. It doesn’t have to be a retreat – it can be a walk around the block or an Epsom salt bath. Or… you can sign up for next year’s retreat in Sayulita with me!