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Word of the Month: Realign

Alignment is something we always strive for at The Dailey Method. Together, we aim to guide you towards optimal alignment of your body, mind AND heart.

We teach all of our classes based on our Alignment principles outlined in the acronym “AEM” –  Align. Engage. Move.

One step at a time, we take you through this process by first guiding you to focus on finding your best anatomical Alignment. We intentionally cue you to Engage the muscles around that structural alignment and then instruct you to Move.

It’s difficult to maintain true alignment 100% of the time, however the goal is always to assist you in noticing your body and acknowledging how it feels so that you are better able to trust when you need to realign. Inside of a class, if you ever struggle with the movement, stop and go back to finding your engagement. If you lose the engagement, stop and realign. This 3-step process is how your will ultimately discover the greatest space and power in your body allowing you to make large strides within your own personal fitness journey. This constant way to “self-check” is also an amazing and transformational way to remain truly present with yourself throughout class regardless of the challenges built into the workout.

Another way to focus on re-aligning this month is by taking inventory of your actions in your day to day life and then lining your actions up with your priorities. If you’re like me, there is no possible way you can accomplish everything you feel like you need to in a day, let alone the things you want to do.

Here are some simple steps I take to align my day with my priorities all while giving myself the space to be okay with not accomplishing everything.

  1. Notice how you spend your time. Where are you wasting time unnecessarily? Do you spend too much time on social media which then creates a lack of time for other things that could fuel you so much more?
  2. Write down a large, ultimate goal or a dream you have for yourself. Focus on any long term/larger than life thing you are working on. This can be anything – but think BIG. Envision something for you to to hope and strive for and post it somewhere that you can see it everyday so it stays in the forefront of your mind and thoughts.
  3. Do one SMALL thing relevant to your primary goal everyday, even if it’s future journaling or making a single informational phone call. Everyday you’ll be a little bit closer to accomplishing that big dream.
  4. Identify 3-4 things that absolutely HAVE to be done right now – the non-negotiables – and write them down. I do this at night before I go to bed. This way, I wake up clear-headed with my priorities listed and don’t have to think about what needs to be done in the middle of the night which could disrupt my sleep.
  5. Check off your list once you accomplish them. This is so gratifying!
  6. Create the time for non priorities in your day like playing a game with your kids or connecting with a good friend.
  7. Journal your progress at the end of the day. This will remind you of what you’ve accomplished vs. dwelling on what still needs to be done.

Everything in life is fluid. Much like pushing up against a physical challenge in class, the inevitability to fall out of alignment is real and everyone experiences it. That said, the greatest  evolutions (not just to your body) happen when we focus on re-aligning our heart, head and priorities to become more present and connected to the bigger picture.

It’s a constant shift. Change is in motion and unabashedly forces us to realign from the day we are born until the day we pass on. The opportunity to practice grace and a systematic process to take charge of that realignment is where your true power and person will break barriers and soar to new heights!

Take time to Realign this month. We can’t wait to see where you go!






Word of the Month: LOVE

I know….. LOVE for February, maybe not so original?

Yes, we think of this month about Valentines day – the love we have for one another or for a significant other. It’s hugely important to have others in our lives that we love and what a beautiful thing to have a special day each year designated to celebrate that love. With that said, EVERYDAY should be a day we celebrate love for others and for ourselves! This is why we chose to focus on “Love” with our Dailey Method communities all month long. After all, it’s a proven fact that when you show yourself the love and kindness you deserve, it radiates outwards to your families, friends and out into the world.

How do you show yourself love? Do you take a few minutes each day to meditate and practice gratitude? Do you schedule your workouts and make time to strengthen your body? Do you nourish your body with food that makes you feel good? Find out what fuels you, inspires you and refreshes you. Do that, every day, because your body, mind and soul will thank you!

With the February Word of the Month “Love” I want to share with you some of the things that I, and we, at the Dailey Method love the most! These are things you can incorporate into your life to give yourself the love and self care you deserve. These companies love us too and have all shared a discount code with you to share their LOVE!

Dino apparel is one of my all time favorites – the designer, her story, her friendship and her products are crazy amazing! I honestly own the Dino everywhere pullover in 6 colors and their jumpsuit in 3. Suzanne’s tag line is “live softly” and believe me, in Dino – you do! Another bonus is that her garments are made from fabric to finished product in Downtown Los Angeles using family owned-and-operated makers. I love supporting family owned businesses, especially when women are at the helm.

20% discount code: DAILEYLOVESDINO_20

Tula is my favorite new skincare company. They use probiotics (like vitamin A, C and E, blueberries and tumeric, to name a few) as the foundation of each of their products. Applying probiotics to your skin has been clinically proven to help promote hydration and clarity and to improve the appearance of inflammation. My teenage daughter and I both have used the products and both love and appreciate the visible results.

20% Discount code: DAILEY20

Riddle Oil – I am a huge fan of this Botanical line that was created with all skin types in mind. All of their ingredients are completely 100% USDA Certified Organic, Artisan Crafted and Fair Trade. This means they are good for us, for others and a BIG plus – for the environment! What’s not to love about that? Truthfully, I wear their scents every day. They smell amazing, but also are light enough that I can workout or be at the Studio and not be overwhelmed or offend others with scent. Muse and Santal are my two favorites. Riddle oil was also my gift of choice this year for Holiday gift giving!

20% Discount code: JDAILEY – Good now until March 31st


Project you This is an amazing book and website created by Neely Mack, a long time Dailey Method Student. She wrote this based on her own experience and experimentation on healing herself. Her goal is to help you achieve true health and longevity by engaging the three pillars of wellness – internal (nutrition and gut health), physical (exercise and sleep) and emotional and spiritual self-care – and that all 3 together will help your body act and feel younger. I find her so inspiring – and to look and talk to her – she truly epitomizes the image of health!

15% off discount code: thedaileymethod

Here is one of her favorite recipes (which I can confirm are delicious!)

Yam Davidson Plum Protein Balls


1 cup almonds
1 cup cashews
1 cup pecans
2 tablespoons chia seed
1 cup dry shredded coconut

Pour into bowl and add:

2 tablespoons Davidson plum raw superfruit powder (Bushfood Brand @projectyoubewell or amazom) (Add ½ tsp to dry mixture-save rest to sprinkle on top)
1 teaspoon Kakadu Plum raw superfruit powder ( Bushfood Brand @projectyoubewell or amazon)
2 tablespoons Riberry raw superfruit powder (Bushfood Brand @projectyoubewell or amazom)
3 tablespoons dried unsweetened cherries
¾ cup dried blueberries

Then add in-stir well:

3 tablespoons almond butter
3 tablespoons cashew butter
2 tablespoons Ahiflower oil
½ + baked Japanese yam (no skin)

Now: Start making balls, then sprinkle Davidson plum on top or add more Davidson plum if needed, Sprinkle more coconut…Done

TDM Circular band

Of course I couldn’t talk about self love without the importance of taking care of your body. Your strength, alignment and flexibility are all integral components to true self care. We’ve added circular resistance bands to our repertoire recently that are only $8 and an amazing way to work on strength and tone of your hips, outer thighs and side seat. It’s also an amazing tool for gaining strength and stability for your knees. You can use them for a quick workout at home or if you’re an online subscriber we have a class on the site that incorporates the bands and we will be adding more soon! Additionally, here is a discount on a package bundle for all the equipment you need for your at home practice.

Go ahead and show yourself some love this month and every month. You’re worth it!

Word of the Month: Transcend

The purpose of life is not to transcend the body, but to embody the transcendent.

-H.H. Dalai Lama

The word Transcend is a little esoteric, I know, but when it is embraced it has the potential to be transforming. Life is beautiful and amazing, but it also can be difficult and overwhelming. To be able to transcend is to be able to overcome; to triumph over the negative or restrictive aspects in our lives. To transcend is to be able to rise above and go beyond limits – further than we could ever imagine possible.

This is a very relevant word for The Dailey Method right now because we have been incorporating Dailey Meditations into our practice to help ourselves and our Students continue to find more balance in our day to day lives. And meditation is an amazing tool to help us transcend the circumstances in our lives. Our teacher, Lorna Bennett, has years of experience with teaching meditation as well as being a Life Coach. She’s recorded albums for us to use in class and at home and now has recorded videos for our online streaming platform that will be available to view and practice this month.

Lorna says: “For me, meditation is a tool for both Transcendence (recognizing I am bigger than this body, this age, this experience) and Embodiment (feeling grateful I get to be alive IN this body, this moment, this sensual experience right now!) Being in meditation is like a delicious dance between those two realms (Consciousness & Embodiment) — being-with everything that’s happening, and at the same time recognizing I am the witness not the experience. I love the way meditation lets me feel unconditionally peaceful and ecstatically alive —Both at once.”“Meditation can be sensual — a way of turning ourselves ON mentally, physically, sexually, spiritually — every day.  And, meditation can be transcendent — a way of connecting with the part of us that is bigger than our body, the part of us that is the eternal witness not the human experience of embodiment.”

There are other ways to work on incorporating the power of Transcendence outside of meditation.

A practice that I have recently incorporated in my life is the act of future journaling. I was inspired to do this while attending The Brunch Series with Danika Brysha: (Which I highly recommend by the way!) This is one of my favorite evening routines. By writing about how I envision and imagine my future, I am able to Transcend past where I am right now and focus and direct my energy towards the positive direction I want my life to take. It also helps me stay focused on continual self care during the process.

Here are some ways to Transcend in your Dailey Method practice life:

1) MUSIC: When a song comes on in class that you love – allow the melody to carry you to a place that transcends your workout. When the music softens, have your movement match that energy – when the music reaches a crescendo, see if you can feel yourself on that heightened journey with respect to how many more repetitions you can carry out in an exercise. Build and Transcend on the intensity of the experience.

2) INTENTIONALITY: Welcome  a positive belief or a comment into your practice–a belief or meaningful phrase that lifted you up in some way once in your life. Allow this thought or idea to become an action by saying it to yourself several times in class during challenging sections. I promise you that your mindful focus will allow you to Transcend a potentially mundane practice or class into an AMAZING journey! Let’s go!

3) ATTITUDE: Transcend what you believe to be possible by tackling every challenge we give you in class today with an “I CAN DO” attitude. Take that self-empowerment with you as you walk out of here!

Happy 2019! I hope this year allows us all to transcend towards all the beauty we deserve in life!

Jill Dailey

There are many ways to be free. One of them is to transcend reality by imagination, as I try to do. Anais Nin


Word of the Month: Compassion


If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. Dalai Lama

Compassion is a hot topic right now. And that absolutely lights me up. I feel like I inherently am, and definitely want to be, a compassionate person. But that is not always the easiest route. Nor what we’re generally role modeled.  But now with teachers, workshops and communication around compassion so readily available to us -we all have the tools to hone this quality. We are given the opportunity to be the most compassionate versions of ourselves. And that is a life stride I’ll keep pushing forward.

Recently, I’ve been listening to Oprah SuperSoul Conversations (love!). A recent one that hit home for me was with Daniel Pink. I related when he mentions to ask yourself first thing in the AM if you’re better today than you were yesterday. My interpretation of his message is not that EVERYTHING has to be better in order to say yes. That would be simply unobtainable. The things that currently are the most relevant in my life and the ones that pop into my mind first are the ones by which I strive to evaluate my own success. For example: Did I take the time to get my workout in? Did I tell and show my kids I love them in my very best way? Did I accomplish what I HAD to accomplish yesterday? (I never accomplish it all – again – unobtainable).

Daniel said that he usually doesn’t have two “No days”  in a row. If he gets a No one morning, he’s more motivated to make a paradigm shift right then and there so that the next day it will be a Yes. Having self compassion while maintaining focus on self betterment is the way I intend to keep working. Aiming to wake up every day with a Yes!

I believe having compassion for other people is the only way to truly connect and that connection with others is the only way to live our fullest life. I have a practice of trying to stop and notice whenever I feel conflict with a person or a group. I do this by thinking about how it’s making me feel, and also and more importantly, by trying to sense how  they are feeling. I try to understand their feelings around the situation. When I practice this, I often realize that the current conflict isn’t really the issue. I find that if I step out of taking the conflict personally and try to understand what others are experiencing, we usually can create a resolution that serves everyone. Which leads to stronger and more connected relationships.

One of my favorite Oprah podcasts is her interview with Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn). This is a man who leads with compassion as the priority. I found the interview and his message so powerful and it definitely inspires me to lead by his example. I asked my entire company to please listen to it. In our professional and also personal lives, there is so much more positivity, productivity and life satisfaction when we’re relating to the people in our lives from a place of compassion.

Compassion for self is hugely important for our health. We all make mistakes, but we don’t have to live in them for one more minute than it takes us to acknowledge it, learn from it, and forgive ourselves. We shouldn’t spend the beautiful space we have in our lives by living with regret. Say you’re sorry to yourself. Say you’re sorry to the others it may have affected. And move forward decisively not to repeat the same mistake. That’s how we all learn and grow.

Compassion for your physical self is something we hope to help engrain in our students at The Dailey Method. We believe that every single person who spends time at our Studios should be able to receive positive benefits. We offer classes that are accessible to all body types and ages. We do our best to offer a space where every person feels accepted and invited. We provide community and company. We love what we do and want to share it with others because we want to help make our world healthier and happier. It happens here. We hear it all of the time from students and we believe it because we’ve experienced it ourselves.

I’m truly grateful for what I, and all of the passionate people that have been by my side have built; a place for all of us to be in an environment of compassion that gives us the space to hone our own best compassionate skills.

With LOVE and a YES

Jill Dailey


Word of the Month: Appreciate

I’m personally very excited about The Dailey Method word of the month for November – Appreciate. It’s been a strong focus in my life recently and I’m grateful for the opportunity to talk about it.

Appreciation plays such an important role with respect to loving ourselves and others. When we focus on what we honor inside each of us and also within the people we care about, it creates deeper connections and an impactful day-to-day life experience for everyone. I also feel that the word Appreciation aligns so much with Gratitude that they need to be combined.


Gratitude and Appreciation

On a daily basis, I work to instill the practice of steering my 3 amazing kids to focus on the positive things that happened to each of them. I also intend to help them see circumstances or events that went RIGHT in their day versus allowing them to give an imbalanced amount of weight to the things they perceive or felt went WRONG. I do this not as a means to hide from what didn’t work or what still needs attention, but to help them see the light in what was positive.

At dinner, we have a practice of taking turns around the table to share with each other 1 thing we’re grateful for and 1 thing we appreciate about ourselves. When I first started this practice with them, the gratitude came so easy but the self appreciation was much harder. It came out one night that once of the reasons it was hard for them to verbalize self appreciation is because they got caught up in their feelings of ego or bragging about themselves. It’s made for a great talking point, and now if they can’t come up with something they appreciate, everyone else at the table tells them something we appreciate about them.

Before I go to bed each night I make a practice of writing down 3 things I’m grateful for and 3 things I appreciate about myself. It’s such a peaceful way to end the day with an outward and inward sense of positivity.


I am grateful for the strength my body has to move through this world with grace and energy

I am grateful for my three beautiful children

I am grateful for my Dailey Method community and how they’re always there to support me when I need it

I appreciate that I’ve worked hard to create a Method that really works in healing peoples bodies from the inside out

I appreciate my sense of humor

I appreciate my resiliency – that even when things get hard I can focus on the positive and continue forward

Take time to pause and invite a similar practice into your life and also into your TDM classes. When you are in holds or asking your body to push past to a new threshold of strength, appreciate – first – where your body is. Take a deep breath and honor all it gives to you and then with as much commitment to finding ways to appreciate others, feel gratitude that you are incremental gaining newfound strength and muscle memory.

Remember, with gratitude and appreciation on the forefront and leading, we are all sure to succeed and become better versions of ourselves in body, mind and spirit.

I appreciate everyone of you!