August Word of the Month: Explore“To go where you’ve never been, you’ve got to do what you’ve never done.”

Our August word of the month is EXPLORE, and what better way to “explore” than with all that “free” energy we’ve been inviting throughout the month of July!

Merriam-Webster defines explore as:

– To look at something in a careful way to learn more about it; to study or analyze;

– To talk or think about something in a thoughtful and detailed way;

– To learn about something by trying it.

Explore is often associated with travel, but the above definitions remind us that we can explore deeply right here, right now – by going beyond our perceived boundaries, and by changing our perspective.

Explore implies going someplace you don’t usually go. But it also can mean finding a new perspective in something familiar – going “deeper” or having “new eyes.”

To explore beyond your usual boundaries this month, see if you can:

  • Be brave and let go a little. We practiced “brave” as our June Word of the Month and “free” in July. A readiness to explore requires both bravery (to go there) and a sense of being free (without boundaries) – keep practicing that brave and free energy as you explore.
  • Question your mental “I can’t” and “I don’t” as well as “I should” and “I shouldn’t.” Where did those come from? How did you learn them? When did you start to believe and accept those boundaries? Are there some things you automatically say “I can’t” or “I don’t” to without trying? Are there also things you might push yourself to do because you think you “should” do it a certain way, or you “shouldn’t” do it another? Question your learned mental boundaries so you have the opportunity to explore beyond them! If you consciously choose a boundary, or set a safe limit, that’s great – because you chose it! If you’re not sure that a limit or boundary is real (real meaning you consciously chose it and it serves your well-being) then try a little exploration. This is where bravery and that inner-compass are required!
  • In your Dailey Method practice, explore familiar exercises as if you are doing them for the very first time. Cultivate that beginner’s mind or think about seeing with new eyes. The familiar becomes new again, and change and growth happen when we explore deeply within what we “know.” If you think you know yourself, go deeper… There’s so much to explore.
  • Most importantly, to explore means to OPEN. Are you ready to be brave? Are you ready to accept responsibility for feeling free? Are you ready to question perceived barriers, obstacles and boundaries? Can you choose to open instead of allowing yourself to close?

To explore is to acknowledge mystery, potential and possibility. When we choose to explore (our minds/bodies/hearts/surroundings) – we, too, are limitless.

And in the spirit of this month, we want to see where you explore! Take pics while on your summer travels and share them with us on Instagram during the month of August by using the hashtag #exploredailey. We’ll choose our favorites and showcase them at the end of the month! Here’s a current one of me in front of the Grand Palais in Paris!


Check out this short video which shows my sister and TDM Paris owner teaching in this beautiful space! Credit Julie Haddad.

Wishing you all freedom, adventure, mystery, excitement, opportunity, growth, and joy as you explore your inner paths and inner greatness.

— Jill and Lorna