Halloween is a holiday that is full of not-so-healthy treats, so I like to offer a couple of healthier versions to help counteract all the junk out there.

This year my kids will be dressing up as a Fairy, Donald Trump and a scary clown (Damian loves anything scary- and I’m calling him Donald Trump too :). Look on my instagram on Saturday for my pictures. I’m also being one of my favorite juvenile things in the world!!!

Here are a few fun, simple and healthy options to offer them in place of the processed stuff.

Easy Pumpkin Pretzels – by High Heels and Grills

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.56.53 AM

Who wouldn’t want a bite of these adorable little pumpkin pretzels? Only 4 ingredients and super simple to make!

Mini Caramel Apples – by My Litter

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.58.40 AM

Caramel apples or crazy good. But who needs the whole thing?! This is the perfect tiny treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Candy Corn Popsicles – by Girl Inspired

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 6.06.33 AM

You guys already heard about my love of homemade popsicles. Why not add a little Halloween twist to them?

Strawberry Ghosts – by Candiquick

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 6.00.55 AM

I’m not sure it gets any cuter than this…

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups – by The Pretty Bee

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 7.00.53 AM

Peanut butter cups were one of my childhood favorites. This at home version makes sure you only get all natural ingredients!

Wishing you a Happy Halloween,

— Jill