At the Dailey Method, we celebrate not just the physicality of movement but its profound impact on our inner selves; we recognize that the journey of self-love intertwines seamlessly with the flow of our barre practice. Today, I invite you to join me for five exercises designed to show your body love and nurture every facet of your being – body, mind, and spirit. These exercises are not just about toning muscles or perfecting form; they are about fostering a deep connection with yourself and cultivating inner strength. Step onto your mats with open hearts, and allow the power of movement to illuminate your path towards greater self-love and acceptance.

Day 1Turned out squat holding onto barre/ Malasana: for  hip opening and strengthening while creating stability for your spine and pelvis

Day 2 – Seated neutral spine with roll downs/forward fold stretch: for spinal mobility and core strength- this will strengthen all 4 layers of your abdominal wall, lengthen your hamstrings and improve back flexibility.

Day 3Prone with knees bent/ rotation stretch: increases strength for your postural muscles, tones your seat, improves spinal mobility with an added chest stretch for better posture.

Day 4Plank movement through side plank/boat pose: works to strengthen every muscle in your body, provide rotator cuff support, offers a chest, abdominal and quadricep stretch, and strengthens your spinal extensor muscles

Day 5Dailey Jacks/child’s pose: for pure joy! Work to strengthen your heart, to dance, to appreciate your strength and to stretch your low back. 


With so much love,