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Benefits of Morning Movement

We all know that exercise and movement are amazing for us at any time of day, but did you know that getting your movement in first thing in the morning comes with additional health benefits? Regardless of whether you choose to go for a walk, do a Dailey Virtual or Online class in the comfort […]

Word of the Month: Magic

        “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t” – rikki rogers           Plank.  A true metaphor of all things challenging – sometimes unstable – oftentimes seemingly impossible – and yes, Magical.  Think of it.  At Dailey, we […]

Keeping Sanity During the Current Craziness!

I’m still trying to conceptualize how just a couple weeks ago we were in groups of people, connecting and touching and now we’ve been confined to our homes and immediate circles. The loss of community, something so many of us take for granted, is massively affecting me.  I’ve found a couple hacks if you’re interested… […]

Fit Tip- 5 Minutes to Fitness

We think of August as a relaxing and fun time where we can still play and are able to enjoy the end of our summer. Right? That is definitely not how I’m feeling at the moment! My kids are about to head back to school and rather than feeling as though a break is near, […]

Fit Tip- Find Deeper Connection in Flat Back Floor

    Flat back floor (FBF) is potentially my favorite abdominal exercise! Over the 18 years that The Dailey Method has been practicing this exercise it has continued to be refined, possibly more than any of the others, due to its complexities and its benefits. Yes, we’ve geeked out on it a bit-but with that […]

Fit Tip: Discover deeper alignment in Reverse Plank by using your breath.

TDM Master teacher trainer Maggie Calegari in Reverse Plank   Reverse plank is a very challenging position, especially when done correctly, and it’s one of my favorite challenges to add into a class. Reverse plank works your entire body and emphasizes chest opening with the added benefits of gaining powerful back body strength. Here’s your […]

Fit Tip: Postural support through scapular strength

Great posture is something everyone would like to achieve. But it’s difficult for many because they haven’t been properly taught how. We’re generally instructed to: strengthen our back muscles work on core strength; primarily abdominal exercises stand up straight draw shoulder blades together and down your back All of these (except possibly #4 if done […]

The Dailey Method Fit Tip/ Parallel Squat

Fit tip/Parallel Squat Knowledge is power! At The Dailey Method we understand that the more knowledge we can give you, the more power you each have to continually evolve within and deepen your practice. Education is a primary key to changing the way we all move for the better. Take Parallel Squat as an example: […]

April Word of the Month : Spine

“The spine is the tree of life. Respect it.” -Martha Graham I know, kind of an odd Word of the Month. Generally we encourage you to set an intention around the word and focus on what you can learn from it. This WOM, we are able to take it literally and focus on its actual […]

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