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Customer Stories
  • Lauren H.

    “I’ve had the best experience with TDM compared to any other gym or studio. The environment is so welcoming, friendly and fun; I love having the option to do barre and spin; and most importantly for me these past several months, the instructors have been very attentive to my needs, helping me modify my moves to continue working out during my pregnancy. The staff really has helped me stay healthy and fit during this important time of my life. I highly recommend the studio to any expectant moms!”

  • Linda E.

    “There are several things that I like about TDM: a) the instructors are friendly and they motivate you throughout the workout; b) the instructors are constantly focused on your alignments and adjust you as needed (this was not done at the other gym I attended) I like the personal attention; c) the facility is well kept and friendly atmosphere.”

  • Erin S.

    “The workouts themselves are challenging but fun and are always different. I never feel pressured or intimidated, which I think makes me work harder and keeps me coming back. The hands on assists gives me a piece of mind that I am doing things right and maximizing my workout time.  I enjoy walking in and feeling like family. The studio has such a personal vibe that I was missing in the larger gyms and why I never stuck with a workout.”

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