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  • Welcome to TDM Birmingham!

  • Welcome to TDM Birmingham!
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Welcome to The Dailey Method Birmingham

Welcome to The Dailey Method – Birmingham! Our method is a low-impact, alignment-based barre workout that will leave you burning bright! By combining the best of Pilates, yoga, and ballet barre training, our classes are an ever-evolving mix of movement that offers extreme benefits for body and mind. No matter your age or fitness level, we aim to inspire strength inside and out, help you build confidence and inner peace all while helping you live your most vibrant life!

At The Dailey Method, we understand the struggle of trying to “do it all”. Our studios offer childcare to help you find balance and inner-peace without the guilt!

Studio Owner
Carly Goidosik
Carly Goidosik

Carly holds a Kinselogy degree from Michigan State and served as Master Teacher Trainer at The Dailey Method La Grange outside Chicago.  With her exercise science background, Carly believes The Dailey Method encompasses every fitness component in the most efficient and effective way and loves to witness how it empowers others to be their most vibrant selves. “It is a mind and body transformation.”

Learn more about Carly:
Mother Honestly Podcast with Carly:
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We love you to the core!
We love you to the core!
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Keep & Grow

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