Our inspiration is your strength - inside and out.

Each of The Dailey Method studios are run by Master Teachers with undeniable passion for your strength. Taught personally by founder Jill Dailey, each teacher is committed to awareness and education through individualized one-on-one attention. We take great pride in our teachers, studio owners and students—they’re the reason The Dailey Method has become a phenomenon, a culture, and a community.

The Dailey Method Team
  • Jill Dailey
    Fav Exercise:Kneeling Seat Work
    Jill Dailey
    Founder & CEO
  • Jessi Hunt
    Jessi Hunt
    Director of Operations
  • Megan Christensen
    Megan Christensen
    Director of Technology & Platforms
  • Kaci Myhra
    Kaci Myhra
    Franchise Sales Manager
  • Katina Griffin
    Fav Exercise:Prone Seat Work
    Katina Griffin
    Master Teacher Trainer
  • Emily Zega
    Emily Zega
    Master Teacher Trainer
  • Lauren Van Tongeren
    Lauren Van Tongeren
    Master Teacher Trainer
  • Kerry Corcoran
    Kerry Corcoran
    Master Teacher Trainer
Studio Owners