• What is Dailey Cycle?
  • What is Dailey Cycle?
  • What is Dailey Cycle?
  • What is Dailey Cycle?
What is Dailey Cycle?

Our Cycle classes bring The Dailey Method’s signature focus on alignment from the barre to the bike. In each heart-pumping, beat-driven class, you’ll sculpt your body and strengthen your core while enjoying the benefits of a cardio workout.

Benefits of Cycling

  • Improved cardiovascular conditioning
  • Increased metabolic rate, so you’ll burn calories and fat
  • It’s a low-impact cardiovascular workout
  • Each workout is customizable, since you control the resistance on your bike
  • It’s just FUN! Our motivating instructors coach you each step of the way, and you’ll feed off the electric energy of the pack.

Join us for a cycle class soon! Your soul and spine will thank you.

  • Dailey Cycle
    Dailey Cycle
    Dailey Cycle fuses the body sculpting, core strengthening and flexibility aspects of The Dailey Method with the cardiovascular benefits of indoor cycling. This format includes 40 minutes of heart pounding, spirit lifting, beat driven cycling and 20 minutes of upper body toning, core work and stretching off the bike. With The Dailey Method’s signature focus on alignment and form, this class delivers a balanced, full-body workout resulting in a high calorie burn.
  • Dailey Cycle 45
    Dailey Cycle 45
    45 minutes of heart pounding, spirit-lifting, beat-driven cycling taught with The Dailey Method’s signature focus on alignment and form resulting in a high calorie burn. Class is completed with a brief stretch sequence.
  • *Class options may vary by studio. Find your local studio for class schedules and availability.

Dailey Cycle FAQs

Do I need cycling experience?

Like all our classes, our Cycle offerings are for everyBODY! Our cycle students include seasoned riders, new students, and everyone in between. Each of our indoor bikes allow you to adjust the resistance on the flywheel so you can design the class that’s right for you that day.

Do I need special shoes?

Yes! For the safest, most efficient cycle workout, you need shoes that clip into the bike. They are available for rent at the studio, or you can bring your SPD clip-ins from home. The weighted flywheel of the bike creates significant momentum, and clipping in gives you the safest, most efficient workout because it distributes your pedal force across the entire foot. If you’ve never clipped into a bike before, don’t worry- our instructors will help you get the hang of it!

What are the bikes like?

Our cycle classes all feature smooth-driving Stages bikes, which your instructor will help you adjust for a perfect custom fit. You wear SPD clip-in shoes, available in our studios for rent, and each rider is able to adjust the tension on their own bike for a workout challenge that’s just right.

Can I cycle while pregnant?

Safety is always our first priority, so, if you’re pregnant, please talk with your Doctor about this and all fitness classes. Please also let your instructor know before class that you’re pregnant so that they can suggest some modifications for you during class.

What tips can you give me for my first class?
  • Arrive 15 minutes early so your instructor can answer questions and help you set up your bike.
  • Clothing: If this is your first-ever cycling class, you may prefer wearing capris or leggings instead of shorts.
  • Shoes: You will need shoes that clip into the bike, which you can rent at the studio. If you have SPD clip-ins at home, you should feel free to bring those to class.
  • Bring some water with you, too, or a bottle to fill up at the studio. Your heart will be pumping, and we want you to stay hydrated!
  • Get ready to soar!