• There's a Dailey class for everybody.
  • There's a Dailey class for everybody.
  • There's a Dailey class for everybody.
There's a Dailey class for everybody.

Whether you’re looking to focus on alignment or squeeze in a quick workout during lunch, get your heart pumping or soak up every moment of a gentler class, there is a class designed just for you! Our motivating instructors ensure each workout energizes your body and spirit. All Dailey Method classes are co-ed.

Not sure which class is right for you? Check out our recommendations below or contact your studio.

  • Dailey Barre
    Dailey Barre

    This class is appropriate for all levels of students. The cuing and pacing are relatively quick, but options and modifications are given regularly to enable all students to be successful. Students are encouraged to work at their own level and to make the positioning the priority for each exercise. Movement is layered on after form and alignment is perfected. This is the ideal class to work on perfecting your practice while continuing to be challenged.

  • Dailey Interval
    Dailey Interval

    The class is a faster paced, 45-minute Dailey Method class that combines periods of high and low intensity movement for optimal cardiovascular results. The heart rate is elevated and brought down throughout the class, while recovery periods remain active. The interval training and fun, upbeat music give you the power and energy to bring your best to the more intense portions of The Dailey Method. This class is not recommended for first time students.

  • Dailey Fusion
    Dailey Fusion

    A faster paced one hour class that fuses the alignment focused elements of barre with the intensity of interval to give you a full body strength and stretching experience with intermittent blasts of cardiovascular fun. A challenging workout that will guide you towards deepening your practice at a more energetic pace. This class is not recommended for first time students.

  • Dailey Release
    Dailey Release

    Dailey Release uses a variety of myofascial release techniques to improve mobility, flexibility and overall comfort in the body. This class consists of 20 minutes of myofascial release, 20 minutes of dynamic, active, passive, and isometric stretching and 5 minutes of meditation. Designed to improve range of motion, muscle efficiency as well as reduce inflammation, pain, and chronic stress in the body, Dailey Release is for every student and a great addition to your Dailey Method practice.

  • Dailey Meditation
    Dailey Meditation

    Deepen the mind-body benefits of The Dailey Method with Dailey Meditation. Enjoy a guided meditation designed to support your Dailey Method “inside out” practice. Dailey meditations are easily accessible to all and relevant to everyday life. No meditation experience required!

  • Dailey Express
    Dailey Express

    45 minute class – similar format as a Dailey Barre class. Designed to help you get a great workout and get back to work within an hour. Recommended to have attended a minimum of 10 Dailey Basics or Dailey Barre classes prior to taking Dailey Express.

  • Dailey Cycle
    Dailey Cycle
    Dailey Cycle fuses the body sculpting and flexibility aspects of The Dailey Method with the cardiovascular benefits of indoor cycling. This format includes 40 minutes of heart-pounding, spirit-lifting, beat-driven cycling and 20 minutes of upper body toning, core strengthening and stretching off the bike. With The Dailey Method’s signature focus on alignment and form, this class delivers a balanced, full-body workout resulting in a high calorie burn.
  • Dailey Cycle 45
    Dailey Cycle 45
    45 minutes of heart-pounding, spirit-lifting, beat-driven cycling taught with The Dailey Method’s signature focus on alignment and form resulting in a high calorie burn.
  • Dailey Basics
    Dailey Basics

    An ideal class for students that are new to The Method and for experienced students that want a truly focused work out. This class allows for time to assimilate the name and basic alignment principles for each exercise. There are fewer variations taught and more holds and cuing so that students can truly understand each position, why they are doing it and how to refine their own alignment within each exercise. This is incredibly beneficial in educating a new student and for helping experienced students to improve their own practice.

  • Dailey Gentle
    Dailey Gentle

    Dailey Gentle is ideal for those looking for a slower paced, more nurturing, barre experience. It is especially designed for those recovering from surgery, illness or injury, for seniors and new practitioners and to provide relief from disabilities and chronic conditions, e.g., arthritis, back pain and other musculoskeletal issues.

  • Dailey Baby
    Dailey Baby

    These exercises are tailored to include your little bundle in a front pack carrier and with you on your mat. The program is designed to bring fitness and balance to new moms as they bond with their infants. Nursing, feeding, walking, bouncing and crying are normal activities here! Student mommies are required to bring: baby blanket and front pack carrier (and baby of course!)

  • *Class options may vary by studio. Find your local studio for class schedules and availability.
We know you do it all, that’s why most studios offer childcare.
We know you do it all, that’s why most studios offer childcare.

Due to COVID-19, most studios have had to suspend childcare service. Please be sure to check with your local studio for availability.

Balance is beautiful. We know that juggling career, family, and time for yourself isn’t easy. That’s why The Dailey Method is committed to busy parents. Many of our studios offer sunny, professional childcare right within the studio during popular class times. Focus on your workout, while your children focus on play. It’s just another way The Dailey Method works to give you balance. Check your local studios for schedule and rates.