Word of the Month: SHINE!


SHINEto give forth or glow with light; shed or cast light.

to be bright with reflected light; glisten; sparkle.

noun – radiance or brightness caused by emitted or reflected light.


SHINE bright with us! 

At The Dailey Method we SHINE for three weeks every Fall!  

While the word SHINE has several meanings or implications, for me, there is one in particular that I work hard to instill within The Dailey Method. At TDM our mission is to empower others to be their best selves, to live their best lives and to shine from the inside – out. It’s a core value that we believe in and I personally do my best to show up lit up from the inside, everyday. It’s something I hope to inspire or call out in everyone I meet, as well. I feel it the most and thrive when given the opportunity to support positive body image and self confidence in people everywhere. No doubt this is one of the things people need most to shine their brightest.  

I know I feel my own personal best when I “burn bright” from the inside. It makes me reflect on the idea that how we decide to show up in the world, in each and every moment, is as much for ourselves as it is for those with whom we run into, connect with or love. Shining from within feels amazing, but it takes focus, work and intention to accomplish.

Have you ever been sad and forced yourself to smile? I know that when I practice this simple action, I immediately feel a little better. I make an effort to truly see and smile at people as I’m moving throughout my life. I don’t always succeed, but I work hard and set my intention on showing up in this way. After all, who doesn’t want to receive a smile? They’re not always receptive 😂 but once I make a connection I see that I’ve literally, even if in a super small way, lit someone up. 

Create a moment in your day where you make intentional eye contact and do so with a smile. Notice the reactions and decide to spread kindness remembering that it is fuel for everyone around you!

At TDM, the emphasis we place on the alignment of the bones and spine translates to feeling better, standing taller and off-setting aging (increasing longevity) in addition to helping to stave off disease. No better segway into our Align and SHINE challenge that provides you a platform of 21 days to consciously commit to yourself and to focus on you. This is an intentional time for you to make yourself a number one priority. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of time! All you commit to is the decision to schedule movement, meals and time for yourself. You can do this in a Studio or in your own home. Do it ANYWHERE! Click to find out more.

One of my favorite hashtags is #burnbrightdailey It’s a slogan we’ve used amongst our corporate and student communities for years. Looking back at it, I love how much it expresses not only who we are at TDM and what our culture is but also how have and continue to evolve.

And because I believe that the more we affirm ourselves the easier it is to shine, I want to share a couple of my favorite “thoughts of the day”:

  • Close your eyes and visit your greatest achievement to date. Allow your pride and gratitude to SHINE outwardly to assist you in life. You are AMAZING!!
  • Remember that there is a brilliance unique only to you and therefore is a special light only you get to share with our world. Shine bright today. The brighter you shine the more you can light up those around you.
  • You are enough. Exactly where you are and exactly who you are- right now.


Have fun and “Burn Your Brightest” all month long! 



While at a women’s conference earlier this month, we were asked to participate in an exercise called STAND UP FOR YOUR SISTER.  We were all given a sheet of paper with different challenges we might have encountered or experiences we have had and asked to check the boxes off for the ones that applied to us. After completing the exercise, we folded them up and passed them around the room of 7800 people until no one knew who had completed their form.  THEN, they read the questions out loud, and you were asked to stand up for anything you checked off the list.

There were lots of hard things on the list, and more things that applied to a vast majority of the room than I would have liked.  The one that broke my heart was I HATE MY BODY.

I swear, 90% of the room stood up.

I HATE MY BODY.  Note: It didn’t say, “I wish I could change something about my body.” it said, “I HATE MY BODY.”

First, it made me sad……sad that so many women could HATE the body in which they live every second of every day for their entire life.  THEN, it made me mad….DAMMIT media with your airbrushing and the 90’s waif epidemic where so many of the women in my circle were impacted by the idea that somehow not having ribs showing or (gasp) touching thighs somehow tells the world (and apparently ourselves) that we aren’t quite as deserving or strong as a woman thinner than we.   AND FINALLY, it made me excited. That’s right. Excited. Not because there are so many of us running around HATING ourselves….that part still makes me tear up…but because we can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Yep.  We can do something about it, and it doesn’t involve a diet, an exercise plan (although I’ve got a recommendation for a kickin’ barre and cycle studio if you need one), or plastic surgeon.  We can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT just lying down. We can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT while driving in our car, sitting on our couch, or folding laundry. We can CHANGE OUR THINKING regarding our bodies.

Your body EVERY DAY…does amazing things.

YOUR BODY gets you out of bed, into the bathroom, and gives you the mobility to get through your day.

YOUR BODY lets you SEE and HEAR conversations with your loved ones and enjoy things you love and care about like music, a grandchild’s soccer game, or interesting lunch conversation with a dear friend.

YOUR BODY is the vessel where you open your arms and give and receive LOVE from your kids, your spouse, your friends.

YOUR BODY moves you from one place to another where you can LIVE!

Has your body…

Held the hand of a sick or scared friend?
Made a human being?
Danced in celebration of victory?
Felt the wind in your face as you rode to the top of a Ferris wheel and your stomach dropped?
Walked you down an aisle towards matrimony?
Crossed a finish line you never thought you’d cross?

Yes?  That’s YOUR BODY.  It deserves your LOVE.  HATING it is abuse.

What happens to an abused child, an abused animal?  It shrinks. It gets frightened and doesn’t feel safe to be who they are.

Did you know that there are studies that show if you speak kindly to a plant, it grows faster and thrives more than a plant that is spoken to negatively?  A FICUS stunts when you ignore it or mistreat it. What do you think is going to happen to YOU when you HATE your body?

So, what now?  Fine! Christina, I get it, you’re right! Thank you. But now, I just feel bad about hating my body, but I still hate my body. What can we DO? I am an action girl. I also realize that change doesn’t come without time and a lot of hard work. Work in self-talk can be the hardest work that we do. So, I have an idea. This week – when you wake up.  BEFORE you get out of bed, I want you to speak love into your body.  THANK YOUR BODY for THREE THINGS that it is going to do for you this day.  THREE THINGS that you are grateful for (for me, writing it down helps – but do what works for you.) THEN, when you go to bed, I want you to THANK YOUR BODY for what it DID FOR YOU TODAY.

Did you catch that flight JUST IN TIME because your body hustled, albeit super ungracefully while knocking a tall guy’s coffee out of his hand in concourse B, and got you to the gate right before the flight attendant closed the door?  Say, “I’m thankful for my legs and their ability to jog in business casual apparel.” Did your body sweat and get sunburned while you weeded your garden to make it beautiful for a BBQ your hosting tomorrow for friends?  “I’m thankful for my ability to move onto the ground and create beauty.” Did your body provide a soft shoulder for a co-worker to cry on while you learned of her recent marital trouble? “I’m thankful for my body and my ability to physically support someone when they need me.”

YOU ARE LIVING INSIDE YOUR BODY. …and you deserve to love that space.

I’d love to hear how this goes for you – and if you have ideas to share that can help us cultivate feelings of appreciation for these amazing tools that let us LIVE, I’m all ears.

Christina Vance is The Dailey Method Studio Owner in Colleyville Texas, mother of three, and passionate about empowering people everywhere to be their best selves. 

Word of the Month: Create

Create |krēˈāt|verb  

Bring (something) into existence

cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions


The picture above is from my 50th Birthday celebration. It encompasses so much of what the word “Create” means to me. I gathered 16 of my favorite women from many different stages in my life to share in a weekend together. I don’t often make the time for crafts, however on this trip – we did! These were selenite crystals that we wrapped in suede string and decorated with dried flowers for each other. We printed private messages on tank tops and made beautiful flower arrangements for the tables. Many of these women had not met each other previously, but there were immediate bonds. That weekend we created art, shared sentiments, developed some very strong relationships and made the most amazing memories together!

Creating change does not have to be some huge event. It happens simply and slowly through awareness and practice. We can improve on a skill we desire or change a habit we don’t like simply by putting in a little time or focus on it on a regular basis. It’s through the smallest of shifts that true and lasting change can be created.

  1. Ruminate on what you’d like to be different in your life, surroundings or career and then envision how those things will make you feel once you’ve accomplished them. Understanding that feeling can help you obtain it. 
  2. Notice if there’s some tiny way you might better someone’s life who needs support and simply take an incremental action in that direction. It can be as simple as a phone call or a hug.
  3. Systematically and regularly focus on an idea and how it feels to you and write it down in a journal.

I do believe that placing our attention towards what we desire is what enables us to create it!

When you create ANYTHING, you become responsible for introducing something new into your life. Then, as a result of this action, you also create a situation where most times the renewed energy you feel, subtle changes you make, the broader perspective you adopt or the excited attitude you experience spreads like wildfire out into the world. It opens up infinite possibilities for you to call in more beauty, happiness, peace and joy not only into your own life but into the lives of others around you! This creation or contribution does not need to be massive in order to have a lasting impact.

I’m extremely proud of what I’ve created with respect to having founded The Dailey Method and watching it grow to all it is today. The Dailey Method is many things. It is movement and a means to exercise your body, which to some may seem as a modality that focuses solely on the exterior or physical and may be perceived as something that is ego driven. But that said, the aesthetic is only one small part of what we want people walk away with when they come through our doors. The Dailey Method is a vehicle that allows myself and all of the teachers, owners and staff to help empower others to feel stronger from the inside out!  We get the opportunity to support you in owning your strength and confidence so that you are able to show up as your BEST self outside of our walls and therefore within your life. Our messaging, workout and community affords you a way to feel so amazing that you inevitably are inspired to build up those around you. That’s what can create real change in our world and lives!

While there is not a whole lot of extra time in my life right now, I’m focusing my creative energy this month on my stretching sequences. I plan to keep my usual and intentional focus on offering fun classes that are fundamentally strong in our alignment principles (align, engage and move) as I incorporate more creative stretching to keep you challenged and engaged and present in your body. The Dailey Method’s goal is to provide you an environment where you are drawn to inwardly focus on yourself from the moment you walk through the door until the time you leave and I know that adding in an element of surprise is always what will keep you present. 

That in and of itself is powerful!

Show up to class. We will do this together! 

Then, beginning today –  start an inner dialogue that allows you to create your own story from within that lifts you up. 

I’d love to hear how you’re inspired to create this month!




Word of the Month: Invest

Investing in yourself, sends a powerful message to both yourself and to the world. It says: The value and potential that I possess is hugely important to me. Because of this, I will give myself the energy, space and time to grow so I inevitably create the results I desire.

The word “Invest” is usually associated with finances or relates to what we do for our business, homes and our children. Its meaning, however, also applies to the investment we make in the use of our time and our intentions. In fact, this can be the most powerful type of investment we each make. To invest in ourselves, who we are, who we want to become and how we want to show up in the world undoubtedly has a lasting impact.

Investing in ourselves and placing great importance on integrating this habit as a life practice, provides us one of the best returns. Whether it’s taking time to create or learn a new skill, hire a coach or dive deeper into personal or professional development, all are hugely worthwhile. We must give to ourselves first before we have enough to share with others. It is our responsibility to make the space to hone our gifts and talents so that we can best serve the people in our lives most important to us. Plus it makes us a better person out in the world. Self-investment is an example of self-love. You must love yourself before you can expect others to love you.

My intention to invest in my own self this summer had me asking these questions: What will build me up? What will make me stronger? How will more confidence and capability allow me to show up as the best version of myself for everyone in my life, and most especially – for myself? I often time repeat mantras to myself, this month they are: Love More. Care More. Trust My Intuition. Be Fearless. Seek Happiness. Focus on Appreciation and Gratitude. The answers that came to me personally for self investment were:

Quality time with family:

This summer I took a trip to Bassy France to celebrate my niece’s wedding. My niece, Sarah, and sister, Kelly, own the Dailey Method Studio in Paris. Personally, it wasn’t the easiest time for me to take a trip to Europe, but I believe in the importance of prioritizing time with the people we love and who love us in return. It was important for my family and I that I be present for the festivities and I’m so glad I was! Being with my family fills me up and it is imperative to nurture those relationships.

Pictured: me with my sisters and grand-nephew in France

High on my priority list is quality time with my children. My son, Julius, told me that he really wanted to learn how to cook. Instead of spending the energy and money for a camp for him, we decided to do it together. Next week, we are going to cook something together each day. He’ll choose the menus, we’ll go to the farmer’s market and grocery store so that he can do the shopping and we’ll make everything as a team. I’ll invest in guiding him to learn these new skills and I know the quality time that I get to spend with him will definitely reap rewards. Greater connection with my son, helping him become more confident and competent and an in house chef is a definite win, win! 

You can follow my stories next week to see our progress on instagram.

Always be a Student:

This is a huge part of my life and something I continue to put energy into and the best part is – it doesn’t always come with a cost! 

In order to continue my personal investment on self awareness I signed up for a free meditation series with Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. I’ve participated in these in the past and feel like I get a lot out of their teachings! I hugely appreciate the wisdom both of them continue to impart. I’ve signed up for their 21 day series starting on Monday the 15th called the Relationship Meditation Series.

I also enrolled for a mini course called  5 Truths of Transformation by the founder of The Hivery, which is a collaborative and creative co-working space in Mill Valley, CA. I haven’t started it yet, but Grace Kraaijvanger is a brilliant business woman that created an amazing concept so I know I want to hear what she has to say!

If you want suggestions for investing in yourself to support “always being a student” check out: Basics of Barre/ Basics of Cycle by The Dailey Method! These are intimate training platforms for all those who are passionate about The Dailey Method and for anyone ready to take their practice to the next level. Investing in this course will help you develop and deepen your own personal practice and will take you on a journey meant to support you in finding optimal alignment inside and out! The Basics of Barre and/or Basics of Cycle by The Dailey Method are being held in Loudoun, VA on September 13th-15th and Fairfax, California on October 27th-29th. This intensive study of our full-body barre and/or cycle workout will help you stay strong and fit as you learn the ins and outs of the most sustainable fitness method for life. Invest now!

Visit thedaileymethod.com for more information and to receive an early bird pricing discount of 10% for either location – but hurry! Discounted pricing for Loudoun ends on Monday, July 15th and for Fairfax on August 21st.

Anatomy4Fitness is another great tool for anyone that loves learning more about the body, the way it moves and how to stay aligned and engaged. Kerry  Corcoran, co-owner of Berkeley and Lamorinda, California studios, continually engages with her students to keep them growing and learning even after you’ve finished the series. Use this link to sign up and receive 20% off the entire course at checkout!

When you’re willing to say yes and take that leap of faith to invest in yourself first, you 100% profit from all that the universe has in store for you. Do it now and have fun!



Word of the Month: Empower

Empowerment is a pathway to feeling accomplished, confident, supported and happy. One of the primary reasons I love what I do so much is because I am gifted a daily opportunity to help empower my students to become stronger, more confident and ultimately more at peace within themselves.

More personally, this chosen word of the month, evokes in me a sincere desire to help empower my children. For instance, I hope my daughter, Nico, grows up and feels empowered by how she’s defined her own self as a young woman. I want her to be able to highlight the way she shows up in the world – her intelligence, strength and responsibility – ahead of her physical looks or the way societal norms suggest that she should be. I additionally hope that my boys feel empowered by their qualities of kindness, intelligence and sense of play and will grow into respectful, loving men.

Leading by example is one of the best ways I know to assist them in living their lives in this way. This became clear to me the other night when I was with my eldest son Julius. I was trying to get him to talk about his feelings, and being a typical teenage boy he was having none of it. I let it go and just started sharing my feelings. He listened, was quiet for quite a while and then slowly all of his feelings came out. I had no idea how much he was holding inside and if I hadn’t created the space I may not have ever learned. It made me realize that my capacity to be vulnerable with him, and share without expectation that he share back, empowered him to find his voice and truly say what he was feeling. I love that with intention of being the example we can all help others feel empowered to be the best version of themselves.

After all, having the ability to empower others is a true gift we’re given. But I do believe that empowerment has to come from within before we can spark it in others.

The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become, the stronger you become, and the happier you become. Gisele Bundchen

I love this quote by Gisele because it emphasizes that the Empowerment we inspire others with – is born first from within each one of us. The key is being truly present and trusting ourselves so that we may reach far greater potential than we ever thought possible.

Here are a few ways I work to help empower myself on a daily basis:

  1. To-Do List: I can’t live without this. It keeps me on track for what my priorities are that I hope to accomplish each day, and it also awards me the satisfaction of achieving a goal each time I check something off.  I love achieving goals!
  2. Acknowledging My Strengths: Focusing my energy on the things that I’m good at vs. the things I’m not, lifts me up from the inside. Don’t get me wrong! I will attempt anything and believe in myself as I play my edge in order to grow, but I also acknowledge when I need to delegate something to another individual because it’s not a strength of mine. As I focus my attention on my true talents and am more able to ask for support for the things I find most challenging, I live a happier and more fulfilling life. For some reason, the freed up space this creates, allows me quality time to slowly get better at the things I hope to hone and change within myself.
  3. Mantras: I get a lot of empowerment from different mantras I use in life. One way I’ve found to take this idea past the time when I am meditating or simply through repetition is to make certain passwords motivational mantras. I come up with something that motivates, encourages or inspires me. For instance, a phrase like “I am strong enough!” can uplift me when I am simply typing it into my computer. I get a little bit of self support and belief in myself each time I log in, which for me is often multiple times per day!
  4. Community: I feel most empowered when I’m surrounded by loving and supportive people. I FEEL stronger when I’m with those whom I know support and believe in me. I make a point to make my community of people a priority.
  5. Self care: There is no better way for me to feel a boost of energy or inner empowerment than for me to exercise, eat well, sleep enough and meditate regularly. I may begin my day “a little off” but feel so much more in my power and best self once I have made these simple things priorities.
  6. Optimism: I am an optimist. I am a positive thinker/person and without a doubt, this part of who I am definitely empowers me. I certainly accept that there are overall ups and downs but I always believe and live my life focused on the beautiful light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. Intention to Practice Positive Self-Reflection: I choose to think about things that are positive and make me feel empowered vs. getting caught up in negative messaging either from our own internal or external sources. I take time each day to think about not only what I’m grateful for externally from myself, but also what I’m grateful for or appreciate about myself. As I continue to keep my mind and heart focused in the right direction and approach each day with faith and gratitude, I believe I am  empowered to live my life to the fullest.

Here are a few ways you might practice Empowerment in your own Dailey practice:

  1. Amplify the thoughts in class that make you feel EMPOWERED. So often in life we get caught in our own negative self talk or messaging.  Set an intention of self-empowerment for this next hour! You came here to feel good! Be proud of yourself.
  2. Feel your strength! Be empowered by it everyday! Strength is NOT a given and some days it’s harder to find than others, so take every moment in your classes to feel that empowering sensation of how strong you are right here, right now.
  3. Note one part of a recent class that you found particularly challenging. ONE! Now take three deep breaths welcoming in the empowering feeling of achievement. No matter how difficult the task – YOU DID IT!

Choose to celebrate feeling empowered not defeated. Do this as you leave every one of your upcoming classes, but also as you finish reading these words!

I would love to hear how you empower yourself to live your fullest, happiest life!




Photos courtesy of Melissa McArdle photography