Jill’s Gift Guide

The season of giving is upon us! I personally love recommendations when I’m working on my own list. Here are a few of my tried and true favorites for everyone in your life – seriously even that tough brother in law or nephew gift! I also love supporting local, small, women and family owned businesses! My hope is that this will support you in easily finding the perfect gift (with great discounts) for everyone on your list.

Skin Care Lover

Beauty Heroes is a female owned, local (to me) company that offers a curation of beauty, lifestyle and wellness products that are both good for people and the planet.I love their monthly subscription boxes that deliver two or more full-size, clean products at a fraction of the cost. This gift will not disappoint. Use code TDM15 for 15% OFF First Beauty Heroes Subscription

For the Collector

No two pieces of this 110+ year old keepsake are the same. Delivered in beautiful packaging, a slice of San Francisco cable car track makes the perfect gift for train lovers, collectors, and historians. This heirloom will undoubtedly become more beautiful with age as it is passed from generation to generation. Use code DAILEY20 for $20 off

For the woman who LOVES to be comfortable and Stylish:

If you know me you know I have been a huge fan of Dino Apparel for over 15 years. Her fabrics are sustainable, made from ingredients that come directly from nature- and are all made in the USA. Without a doubt one of the softest fabrics that have ever touched my skin. Suzanne Rijvenald, the founder, believes that wellness is just as much what you put on your body, as it is what you put into your body. To “Live Softly” is her tagline and it means to live a conscious lifestyle by being kind to ourselves, to others and to Mother Earth. Who doesn’t love that!

You can receive 20% off the entire site with code DAILEYDINO_20

For the Self Care Fan:

Vertley Bath Salts is one of my absolute favorite ways to unwind with an extremely quality product. I usually get two baths out of each bag and anyone I’ve given it to in the past has always been relaxed, revived and grateful. code DAILEY21 for 10% off

For Everyone

Yes! The pandemic is winding down, but masks are still needed for travel and to ensure we’re taking care of ourselves and others. Cheekies are the most comfortable, breathable masks I’ve found- even for cycling indoors! Made in the USA with, sustainable materials and a focus on the details. Full disclosure- I wear a child’s- I have a small head- so just take that into consideration. Use code DAILEY15 for 15% off

For the Women in Search of the Perfect Yoga Pants

Tavi Noir styles move effortlessly from the studio to the street. For someone who does it Dailey, you know you can never have too many leggings or tops. My favorites are their high waisted ⅞ leggings – they stay up no matter what crazy position your teacher cues you into and have a seamless hem, and their high low tank top. Use code TDM20 for 20% off

Great for the men in your life- or everyone on your list

Aleia CBD Rub. We all have some type of muscle soreness or muscle or joint pain. I’m a huge fan of topical CBD and this product is amazing! It will help soothe tension anywhere- I’ve been using it for arthritis in my hands and it’s truly magic. Use code DAILEY15 for 15% off

For the foodie in your life

B & B Provisions out of Napa, CA. I love to cook and a well curated spice shelf or quality sauce can make all the difference. I recently discovered these small batch, organic grown herbs and spices out of Napa Valley. Not only are their products a must have for any home cook but I also love that they are family owned and operated. My favorites are; the Fermented Chili Salt and Go To Rub. Use code DAILEY10 for 10% off

For anyone that loves to cook

Crow Canyon has been a family owned business for almost 25 years and works to bring stylish, versatile and eco-friendly enamel ware that will last a lifetime. They offer everything from a full dinnerware set, to mixing bowls, water pitchers, serving platters and one of my favorite items- the 3 piece storage set (because I can never have enough of these for leftovers and the kids lunches!!) Use code DAILEY15 for 15% off

For everyone on your list

The Dailey Method Gift Card– the gift that keeps on giving, and is perfect for just about anyone on your list. After all who doesn’t want their loved ones to live their healthiest life? A Dailey Method Gift Card can be redeemed for any online program, not for redemption in studio.


How to Make Gratitude A Part of Your Dailey Life

Gratitude has no shortage of benefits. It decreases stress and other negative emotions, helps calm nerves, improves social relationships, physical health, and so much more.

But what exactly is gratitude?

Is it something anyone can practice?

Does it actually need to become a daily part of life?

Dr. Snehal Kumar, a licensed psychologist, explains gratitude as “the practice of making space for appreciation.” I love this explanation because it highlights how, at its core, gratitude is intentional, meaning it’s something anyone can practice. Essentially, it’s the active choice we make, in any given circumstance, to fill our mental space with positivity over negativity.

But do we actually need to practice that regularly? Does it really make a difference if I choose to focus on how warm and comforting the coffee cup feels on my hands vs. my irritation over burning my tongue?

The short answer is yes!

Experts say it’s the accumulation of practicing gratitude in the “tiny moments” throughout our day that produces those amazing benefits listed above. Of course, I often think of it in terms of barre workouts! Similar to how a turned out squat builds gluteal and quadricep strength incrementally over time, daily gratitude exercises build mental strength. With intentional repetition, each little down and inch up an inch (or thoughtful moment of gratitude) gets us stronger!

I know for me, living each day incorporating gratitude, makes me a happier, healthier person. Here are some of my favorite methods I try to use to strengthen my gratitude muscle

  • Thank yourself: every morning, show yourself some appreciation! Genuine gratitude and self-appreciation go hand-in-hand, so start the day by choosing to acknowledge all of the beautiful people that surround you, the amazing things you have accomplished, are working towards or plan to do in the future.
  • Gratitude journal: gratitude journals are an incredibly beneficial habit; not only does putting pen to paper give you a running list of thankfulness, but it allows creative expression and provides clarity for the tougher times in life. Physically writing out gratitude is so therapeutic, it’s a practice I try to incorporate each evening before I go to bed and allows me to go to sleep with an open heart.
  • Exercise: physical movement is possibly one of the easiest ways to change a negative mindset; I fully believe in the power of endorphins and moving your body to get out of a bad mood and help clear out lingering ungratefulness.
  • Extend a specific thank-you: sharing a “thank-you” with a friend, partner, or family member is beneficial always, but consider sharing a specific thank-you: “thank-you for taking time away from your day to make and bring me soup while I was sick, so I didn’t have to cook” is powerful for both parties. Take some time to reflect. Think of someone you can extend a specific thank-you to, acknowledging their action, effort, and the benefit you received. I imagine a little thought will make it simple to acknowledge how much love and support you have in life- and help you appreciate even the littlest ways you receive.
  • Get outside: there’s something about basking in the beauty of Mother Nature that makes it nearly impossible to remain in a negative headspace. Even better is being able to pair exercise with the great outdoors by going for a walk or bringing your laptop outside during Dailey Online! While you do it, look around. Notice the beauty around you, the leaves, the flowers, the birds, even the amazing rain that nurtures our planet.
  • Three things: say (out loud) three things you’re thankful for. This is also an awesome bonding activity for families! As you eat dinner with your family or friends or put your kids to bed, take a moment to connect and have them list off three things they are thankful for. Then, list off three things you’re thankful for. It’s a wonderful way to help establish the positivity of gratitude with others while also building your own practice.


Word of the Month: Strength

A primary definition of “Strength” is: The quality or state of being physically strong

While this is an absolute truth, being strong moves far beyond the physical. Clearly, I believe in the importance of muscular strength and have built a career around teaching it daily. I know you will agree that the power of one’s ability to hold a plank for 60-90 seconds takes a tremendous amount of physical strength, yet it also takes mental strength. While you’re in the plank, your mind is continually working to assess how you can achieve better alignment and deeper engagement to continue to hold the posture successfully. It is one of the places in our classes where you may not be moving at all, except you are strengthening almost every single muscle in your body!

A big part of what November’s Word of the Month, “Strength” means to me – is perseverance. It’s reminding yourself that you are good enough, brave enough, and strong enough to overcome any obstacle. Strength is realizing you are capable of whatever you set your mind to. It’s embodying the tenacity to continue moving forward with regards to whatever you are hoping to accomplish!

Strengths within us are each and every one of the qualities and abilities we possess that help us forge ahead to make us successful, despite life circumstances. Individual strengths are unique to all and vary from person to person as we all shine in different areas.

Can you think of three strengths that you possess?

For me, I came up with:

  1. Compassion
  2. Determination
  3. Creativity

This month I strive to share an opportunity with you that will undoubtedly support you with gaining strength. To feel stronger than you did a day or even a month ago and help you use this to your advantage in all aspects of your life. My hope is that it will set you up for success and guide you to conquer each of the time constraints and potential stresses of the upcoming Holiday season. (Can you believe they are upon us?!?)

Join me for the all-new Dailey Strength Challenge! In just 20 minutes a day, this program will build on itself yet be accessible to repeat each week for your continual quick fix through the next two months and will assuredly complement your daily practice. If you start with me on November 8th, you will have 8 weeks to be the strongest you as you close out 2021! Dailey Strength Challenge will supply you with continued mental and physical growth, whether you have time constraints or simply need that extra boost due to the indulgence that the Holidays bring into our lives.

You’ll find strength in stillness…

…Hone strength in your alignment

…Discover small muscles that stabilize the strength you uncover

…Play with strength as it pertains to resistance

…Use larger muscle groups and move in a larger range of motion

…And you’ll receive a cardiovascular boost to help increase your heart rate

I designed this program to best support you with moving your body, increasing your strength (mentally and physically), and keeping your metabolism high to burn a few extra calories rolling through the Holiday months. Best of all, I made sure you could accomplish this in only 20 minutes a day. With shorter days and busy schedules, this program is still achievable.

Access this program here, and if you are a current Online subscriber, check your email for a special offer!

With strength, determination, and support from your Dailey Method community, You’ve got this!



Word of the Month: Power

  • The ability to act or produce an effect
  • Physical might : strength

“Everyone has some inner power awaiting discovery” – Richard Paul Evans

When we hear the word “Power,” it’s easy to connect to its sole meaning as being either a physical force, an external strength, or a privilege given to authority. The outward expression I am reminded of is the power it takes to hold a plank. Am I right?!

Even still, as I sat to reflect on this word for a theme for TDM, I was reminded of how I connect to power from a place deep within me. It’s my inward strength, that power from the inside, and the energy moving me forward in life that I believe is accessible to all. It isn’t necessarily something I was born embodying. Instead, it’s something I have grown into and continue to develop in order to expand my life to its greatest potential.

Picture the time you last walked through a personal challenge or faced some adversity that you felt you could never overcome. Envision every single breath you took to forge ahead, each of your friends or family that were there to support you in moving on to the next day. Somehow we can all relate to having done this at some point in our lives. It took a certain strength inside us that we had to lean into and use to come out on the other side. Strength and fortitude – This is POWER.

Power is also stamina. It’s the ability to dig deep enough to find that inner energy that pushes you through challenges in class that drive you to a physical edge. It is the ability to take on one more task in your day regardless of whether you feel like it or not. Taking time to sit down at the end of the day to reflect on how you were able to power through can make you feel accomplished. Whether it’s a small way or a large one- it’s still powerful!

And lastly, one of our greatest powers is our voice. It’s kind of like a “superpower” if you sit and think about it. After all, I know I feel my best when I speak up for myself, ask for what I need or support out loud, state my hopes and dreams or put words to my emotions in a constructive way to guide the people I care about on how to treat me. There is freedom to be all of who I am when the power of my words is expressed. And an incredible result is that others can show up for me in a way that both holds and fills me up.

Refine what power means to you.

Live inside of yours.

Believe in it.

Lead with the light it fills you with when you connect to it.

Then share its meaning with everyone around you so that they can step inside of theirs too.

Happy October!

Love, Jill

Word of the Month: Possibility


the state or fact of being likely or possible; likelihood

I believe that the possibilities of what we can accomplish, who we have the potential to become, and how committed we choose to maneuver our way through our lives are endless.

I love this quote by Thomas Edison:

When you’ve exhausted all of the possibilities, remember this:

You haven’t!

For me and maybe for most of us, I know we yearn for more out of our lives. It’s an incredibly human quality to seek more happiness no matter what stage of life one is in. Whether it’s an advancement in your career, a happier home life, a stronger/ healthier body, or just overall inner peace, there seems to be forever something to strive and attain. There is an inner desire in each one of us that we hope to expand upon. And it is possible! It is my sincere belief that we only need to decide on what to place our focus and attention on. This path forward has the potential to shape our entire worldview, but it may also help us decide the doors that are open that we must walk through and the ones that may have been less visible.

Anything is possible provided we choose to take action and positive steps ahead versus react to all that is happening around us. It’s the idea of being the driver vs. the passenger seat of our lives .

Although life shows us that opportunities are endless, I think it’s important to streamline and attend to only one or two at any given time. To put our intention on those couple of things, show up with an open mind and heart, and then to keep our eyes wide open leads us to greater success at tackling the small goals that will ultimately take us to amazing places. It is aboard that journey where asking questions, reading books, and exploring ways to make things happen presents itself. Curiosity about every possibility is what gives us the views that we may have otherwise passed over. Believe in the possibility or even believe in the impossible every step of the way!

As I was reflecting upon my own personal connection to this word, the first possibility that came to mind is that now that my kids are back in school, my house will be cleaner 😂. Simple but true and maybe not the most mind-blowing possibility yet a very clear one that provides me some ease and a sense of grounded-ness.

Here are a few ways to hone POSSIBILITY into your Dailey Method practice:

  1. At the beginning of class – Attack each exercise in class today with the idea that new things are possible! Discover how aligning with POSSIBILITY attracts a different result both in body and mind.
  2. Final Stretch or Savasana – As you leave class today, practice viewing the world through a different lens. Sit bright in the possibilities around you and watch them grow!
  3. At any exciting part of class or Savasana – Possibility comes to fruition when your attention moves in that direction. Instead of limiting your capabilities or focusing on the minimal impact you make on any given situation, sit largely in all things possible. Dreams come true this way!!

Being open to the ways we may invite possibilities into our day-to-day life is a process. It takes effort, practice, patience, and also an element of persistence.

I encourage you this month to be persistent, to stay open, and to explore all of the spectacular happenings awaiting you!