Word of the Month: Power

  • The ability to act or produce an effect
  • Physical might : strength

“Everyone has some inner power awaiting discovery” – Richard Paul Evans

When we hear the word “Power,” it’s easy to connect to its sole meaning as being either a physical force, an external strength, or a privilege given to authority. The outward expression I am reminded of is the power it takes to hold a plank. Am I right?!

Even still, as I sat to reflect on this word for a theme for TDM, I was reminded of how I connect to power from a place deep within me. It’s my inward strength, that power from the inside, and the energy moving me forward in life that I believe is accessible to all. It isn’t necessarily something I was born embodying. Instead, it’s something I have grown into and continue to develop in order to expand my life to its greatest potential.

Picture the time you last walked through a personal challenge or faced some adversity that you felt you could never overcome. Envision every single breath you took to forge ahead, each of your friends or family that were there to support you in moving on to the next day. Somehow we can all relate to having done this at some point in our lives. It took a certain strength inside us that we had to lean into and use to come out on the other side. Strength and fortitude – This is POWER.

Power is also stamina. It’s the ability to dig deep enough to find that inner energy that pushes you through challenges in class that drive you to a physical edge. It is the ability to take on one more task in your day regardless of whether you feel like it or not. Taking time to sit down at the end of the day to reflect on how you were able to power through can make you feel accomplished. Whether it’s a small way or a large one- it’s still powerful!

And lastly, one of our greatest powers is our voice. It’s kind of like a “superpower” if you sit and think about it. After all, I know I feel my best when I speak up for myself, ask for what I need or support out loud, state my hopes and dreams or put words to my emotions in a constructive way to guide the people I care about on how to treat me. There is freedom to be all of who I am when the power of my words is expressed. And an incredible result is that others can show up for me in a way that both holds and fills me up.

Refine what power means to you.

Live inside of yours.

Believe in it.

Lead with the light it fills you with when you connect to it.

Then share its meaning with everyone around you so that they can step inside of theirs too.

Happy October!

Love, Jill

Word of the Month: Possibility


the state or fact of being likely or possible; likelihood

I believe that the possibilities of what we can accomplish, who we have the potential to become, and how committed we choose to maneuver our way through our lives are endless.

I love this quote by Thomas Edison:

When you’ve exhausted all of the possibilities, remember this:

You haven’t!

For me and maybe for most of us, I know we yearn for more out of our lives. It’s an incredibly human quality to seek more happiness no matter what stage of life one is in. Whether it’s an advancement in your career, a happier home life, a stronger/ healthier body, or just overall inner peace, there seems to be forever something to strive and attain. There is an inner desire in each one of us that we hope to expand upon. And it is possible! It is my sincere belief that we only need to decide on what to place our focus and attention on. This path forward has the potential to shape our entire worldview, but it may also help us decide the doors that are open that we must walk through and the ones that may have been less visible.

Anything is possible provided we choose to take action and positive steps ahead versus react to all that is happening around us. It’s the idea of being the driver vs. the passenger seat of our lives .

Although life shows us that opportunities are endless, I think it’s important to streamline and attend to only one or two at any given time. To put our intention on those couple of things, show up with an open mind and heart, and then to keep our eyes wide open leads us to greater success at tackling the small goals that will ultimately take us to amazing places. It is aboard that journey where asking questions, reading books, and exploring ways to make things happen presents itself. Curiosity about every possibility is what gives us the views that we may have otherwise passed over. Believe in the possibility or even believe in the impossible every step of the way!

As I was reflecting upon my own personal connection to this word, the first possibility that came to mind is that now that my kids are back in school, my house will be cleaner 😂. Simple but true and maybe not the most mind-blowing possibility yet a very clear one that provides me some ease and a sense of grounded-ness.

Here are a few ways to hone POSSIBILITY into your Dailey Method practice:

  1. At the beginning of class – Attack each exercise in class today with the idea that new things are possible! Discover how aligning with POSSIBILITY attracts a different result both in body and mind.
  2. Final Stretch or Savasana – As you leave class today, practice viewing the world through a different lens. Sit bright in the possibilities around you and watch them grow!
  3. At any exciting part of class or Savasana – Possibility comes to fruition when your attention moves in that direction. Instead of limiting your capabilities or focusing on the minimal impact you make on any given situation, sit largely in all things possible. Dreams come true this way!!

Being open to the ways we may invite possibilities into our day-to-day life is a process. It takes effort, practice, patience, and also an element of persistence.

I encourage you this month to be persistent, to stay open, and to explore all of the spectacular happenings awaiting you!



Word of the Month: Listen



Mindful and present listening is truly challenging, and vastly important. This is why I’ve set a few intentions for August, to work on it in reflection of our Dailey Method word of the month “listen”.

I intend to stay present when listening to others, allowing them to be truly heard without injecting my own thoughts or interpretation. I commit to purely listen.

I will listen to my body and honor what it needs. Our bodies are powerful communicators and I dedicate this time to remain in the moment enough to feel and notice the messages it is sending me so that I may nurture it fully, without judgement AND without management.

I will listen fiercely to my heart and dedicate time to drop in so that it can serve as my compass. I believe if I deeply listen to my heart, there is limitless capacity for me to learn, adapt and grow.

Easier said than done, I know, but I commit to show up and to do my best!

How about you?

How would listening better or more consciously support you this month?

Word of the Month: Create

Create: to bring (something) into existence

I love this word for this particular month. Not only is it officially summer, but also FINALLY, most parts of our world are opening up. With fewer commitments and restrictions, there is literally more space in our lives to focus on the beautiful creativity that lives within each and every one of us.

Creativity is one of the 8 parts of our core self and I know that for me, I often neglect to prioritize it. It’s because life is incredibly busy and seems to always be moving at such a fast pace. This reality leaves me with a limited capacity to step back and allow my creative juices to flow. Instead of carving out the time, I tend to move forward with whatever task is at hand. However, I realize that we gain a ton of gifts from making space in our lives to cultivate the new. It can actually serve as the fuel we need to complete a project, solve other things, and move us into a space of innovation not only in our work but also in our minds. When our minds are open, we all know that we have a much higher capacity to dream, imagine, or even formulate a plan to move those ideas to fruition.

Additionally, building and honing creativity is exciting and motivating. It’s a pertinent part of the way we train our teachers at TDM. We give them guidelines due to the structure that we have designed for the most effective results for our students, yet within that formula we teach, encourage and inspire our staff to be creative. Each teacher has the opportunity to let their personality, creativity, and energy flow through. This keeps it exciting for everyone!

I know I am creative. I created TDM and have continually had the opportunity within this platform to constantly create. I feel fortunate, yet I continue to want to stretch myself and explore other areas of creativity within me. My deepest intentions are to create the way I live my life, show up for my family, and bring to life the vision of my business to forever thrive. I aim to be present, curious, and intentional in creating the roadmap towards success and fulfillment in each of these areas.

In reading about creativity, I found this to be fascinating. In this Scientific American article, “researchers found that only creativity—not intelligence or overall openness—decreased mortality risk. One possible reason creativity is protective of health is because it draws on a variety of neural networks within the brain.” If that doesn’t encourage you to try it, what will?

While reflecting on how I aim to add creativity into my month, I came up with a few ideas that may spark the creative spirit in you!

  • Create a change in your environment. Plant a garden, buy some living plants for your space, or rearrange a room in your house. This type of creativity can be highly cathartic and also serves as a reminder of how altering some small thing in our life has the potential to remind us of how possible it is to make a shift in anything.
  • Make a vision board – I know it’s the middle of the year, but it IS the beginning of something. I hadn’t finished my own vision board since January, and last week I sat down to do it. I love how my intentions have shifted from 6 months ago to what they are now. I’m certain I’m not alone in saying that there’s been a lot of change in my life in the last few months, and taking the time to envision what you really want often helps you achieve it. My vision board is on the wall, so I can see it from my bed and the chair I often work in. It’s a constant reminder.
  • Create a ritual! (I love rituals!) They are grounding, add consistency to our lives and open up opportunities for connection within ourselves and others. It doesn’t have to be huge. Maybe make it as simple as having a pizza movie night every Friday with the kids or as challenging (yet rewarding) as committing to finally creating some sort of meditation practice.
  • Create boundaries! (This is a powerful way to CREATE!!) When we set boundaries, we position ourselves to look at the limitless possibilities in front of us and decide those we align with, and understand the ones we need to eliminate to create our best self. Commit to remain on a true path that serves you. Sometimes, or oftentimes, we need to say No to say Yes to something else.

Creativity takes courage, so allow yourself to be vulnerable in this internal expression! Keep in mind that there are so many opportunities to be creative and that it doesn’t have to be a big project.

Take time for yourself.

Pick up a piece of paper and a pen (or watercolors, charcoal, or paints) and allow your creativity to emerge.

Although it may feel awkward and imperfect the first time, trust that making a habit of injecting your life with a creative streak will open opportunities for you to get out of your head and realign you with your deeper self. You may discover something you’re good at or find a hobby that you are passionate about, which grounds you. Doing so may even support you in making a much-needed change in your life.

In July and onward, I would love to hear your thoughts and know how creativity lights you up from the inside!



Word of the Month: Reflect


to think quietly and calmly – to realize, consider

to express a thought or opinion resulting from reflection


I always appreciate when I ask someone a hard question, and their answer is “let me reflect on it and get back to you”. Reflection is such a powerful tool that I personally aim to hone. It promotes the idea of not reacting; of being considerate, thoughtful and authentic in your action or in your response.

It’s hard not to just tumble through life sometimes. Our to-do lists seem massive, desires we may have for certain circumstances to be different cloud our judgment, and as a result we sometimes find ourselves struggling to take our next best step forward. When I feel myself inside of this particular kind of spin cycle, I recognize it as a time to reflect on the beauty around me. It is within those few sacred moments that I am able to carve out of my day where I begin to feel more positivity, more calm and where I can finally access the resilience within myself. Reflection is always the key.

For me, the best way I find to practice reflection is through my writing. I jot down ideas I have – I let dreams come alive on the paper – I write down an inspirational quote that lit me up from the inside and that put a smile on my face on an otherwise difficult day. I write it out as a tactile way to reflect on what is stirring inside because if I try and keep everything in my head oftentimes some incredibly profound, supportive, exciting, nurturing ideas, thoughts or visions – dissipate. I use it as a way to get it out so that I can go back and look at it. I am always pleasantly surprised at how many times I notice or feel something different as I revisit my written reflections. It somehow allows me to build upon it and inevitably lifts my mood or has the ability to guide me in a more positive direction.

Lastly, I always love the cues that Lead Master Teacher Trainer, Katina Griffin, gives to our teachers and owners so that they are able to thread our Word of the Month into their class themes. This helps students feel how focusing on a word supports them in dropping deeper into their practice and deeper into their mind body connection – After all, this is where so much magic happens!

Here are a couple of her examples for us all to think about!

-Reflect for a moment what – if any – obstacles almost stood in your way of taking a class. Be proud and feel successful simply because you showed up! Even 15 minutes of movement can help shift your entire day!

-Reflect on the similarity between you actively stretching while attempting to find both that same EASE and the EFFORT in your life. Notice if there are places in your stretches – but also outside of this room – where you could breathe more space and ease into a difficult moment or tight sensation to discover whether or not it transforms.

-Take a moment and breathe. Drop your weight into the supportive earth and reflect on sections of class – as though they were “sections” of your life – Commit to attend to the ones where you felt a need to go get water, check your phone or to LEAVE the intensity versus to stay with it. Remove ALL judgment and yet see if there is a way, as you leave here today, whether you are able to decide to stick with a challenge you may be facing instead of turning away from it. Remember – Adversity is where our growth is actualized.

Let’s enter June with renewed energy and then fill our beautiful summer with intermittent moments of reflection.

We’ve been through a lot.

Challenge definitely ebbs and flows, yet with our commitment to turning TOWARDS it – we must trust – that we’ll come out on the other side. We all have that power within. We just need to believe it.