Word of the Month: Magic





“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t” – rikki rogers







A true metaphor of all things challenging – sometimes unstable – oftentimes seemingly impossible – and yes, Magical. 

Think of it. 

At Dailey, we take this core exercise and build into it additional challenges to make the difficult – even harder. It’s done with thought, yet each one of you, whether you are a new student of TDM, a veteran of our method or someone schooled only in other workout modalities, knows that when we plank…Magic happens. 


From the placement of your hands to the energy in your legs, building onward to the awareness of where your head is, what your ribs are doing and whether or not you feel your deep core muscles in both your front and back body: You are IN it. 

Take a breath. 

Feel weight bearing in your shoulders, sense fatigue in your back, understand the guidance of your teacher’s virtual support through a screen and then reset as you need when we start to layer the challenges in – to your obliques, your shoulders, your hips.


From a place inside of YOU there comes a force – this magical energy of powering through adversity and knowing that you intrinsically trust that this plank will be over soon and that we’ll be onto another body part, movement sequence or exercise in 90 seconds. 

Feel your strength. 

It’s that moment it took you to get to the place where you almost want to give up – but you don’t. It’s that little bit of space and chasm where you discover perseverance and then with the encouragement of your teacher, you attempt again. You commit 3 – 4 times over and over. And guess what? You complete the plank series – WITH us. 

This is Magic.

And it translates to the year we’ve each just walked through. 


We, at The Dailey Method, set our Word of the Month out almost one year in advance. Yet when “Magic” came down the pipeline for December, Jill and I both kind of looked at each other and truthfully just rolled our eyes. How do you inspire people to believe in Magic – after the year we’ve just lived? After all, 2020 introduced an unprecedented level of difficulty, upset, uncertainty, disappointment and struggle as it relentlessly embedded its tendrils deep inside each one of our stories. 

Oh – But isn’t that what plank does? 

Hence, the Magic.

We all have a plan for our lives and at some point, we each align our efforts in order to author an outcome. A million times over we adjust to the new challenges forced our way and prepare for unexpected change when it presents itself on our paths. We make subtle shifts when confronting difficulty and then find alternate ways to move in an effort to see if we’re able to redistribute stress and help ourselves towards success. We stop. We give up for a second or a few days (maybe even weeks!) but then we recommit to showing up – just one more time. We lean on friends as our cheerleaders to motivate us to try again and understand how change is the one thing in life that we are able to count on. Through it all; Life, I mean, (and plank too!) we may put our knees down but 100% we finish and there is reprieve. 

It’s true that initially, all the magical things in everyday life that we continue to celebrate when we think of MAGIC come to mind like; babies being born, a mind-blowing card trick, a loved one unexpectedly healing from a terminal illness, stars in the sky, falling in love, the sparkle on water in the sunshine and those moments where something or someone just synchronistically shows up with just what you need. Yet still, what I am left with while reflecting on the magic of our day to day is giving immense gratitude to the muscles we’ve each had to contract, the various positions we’ve had to morph into, the constant resets we’ve had to make permissible, the amount of trust we’ve been asked to haphazardly believe in, the unending support from others we’ve been challenged to ask for – all of which, undoubtedly, have been the most rewarding.  

2020 may, in fact, be parallel to the longest plank we’ve ever had to push through, yet what I know for sure is that there is no other community nor people I’d rather be surrounded by. 

We will see this forward. 

There are dreams to fulfill. 

There is family to fold into. 

Friends to lean on.

Love to have.

And if we need to plank this long a second, third, a fourth, or a fifth time, we will find inside ourselves, the same incredible Magic – again.



Word of the Month: Elevate

el·e·vate /ˈeləˌvāt/ VERB

To Elevate, enhance, exalt, heighten means to raise or make higher in some respect. To elevate is to raise something up to a higher level, position, or state. 


Hello November! 

The Word of the Month for November is Elevate – This choice of words has given me pause to reflect on the power each of us embodies to lift the energy and positivity of our consciousness to a higher level – whether it’s inside one individual or a group of people.

Have you ever walked into a room where people were discussing a sad situation or harder times and felt the heaviness of the energy present? Have you noticed then, when someone starts to laugh in that same room, and another joins, and then another…that the mood organically begins to shift to one that’s more uplifting?

One of the goals we’ve had as a Dailey Method community throughout this entire pandemic was to continually support you in elevating your practice by providing you the best virtual experience possible (and clearly adding in the necessary humor!). I am extremely proud that we’ve been able to deliver an exceptional product via our thoughtful practices and a tremendous amount of care for our students, communities, and brand.

Despite having this awareness and sincere intention to elevate the energy in my classes, I have to admit that sometimes it takes more effort than others. For instance, while teaching, I occasionally observe that when my enthusiasm wanes, I notice similar energy reflected back to me in my students in this virtual platform. When this happens, I course-correct and use it as an opportunity to shift how I’m projecting. The domino effect on the room (on the screen) is AMAZING!

When I’m truly successful at this transformation, everyone, including me, is more present, excited, works harder, and feels better. I’m certain that this energy shift translates to a collective ability to heighten more positive trajectories in our own life, but also in the lives that intersect with ours.

These are all constant reminders that every step we take in life provides a learning opportunity for us as long as we stay present with each step. I encourage you in your Dailey Method practice this month to find stillness throughout parts of class. Elevate your awareness of the rise and fall of your breath as you hold a posture or balance, bend your knees in a thigh stance, or reset during an abdominal exercise by using your hands or grounding with your feet. Notice, with each inhalation and exhalation, the ability to celebrate your strength in non-motion. Feel how this stillness gifts you an elevated sense of resetting your energy, calming your nervous system, and softening your mind and your muscles.

After all, This. This part….it could be the most important moment of your day.

Historically we’re moving into a season of celebration, of gatherings, and this year that isn’t as much of a possibility. So what to do? 

  • Cherishing traditions in more subtle ways
  • Giving to the world’s needs and inspiring others to do the same vs. giving presents.
  • Taking the opportunity to give the gift of our presence with those that are most important. Family, friends, and our most loved ones.

Lastly, there are clearly fragments of concern for all of us right now, frustration, and certainly a bunch of unknown swirling around us as we enter into Election Day. Because of this, I encourage all of us to participate in a more global elevation by believing that goodness will prevail. We are capable of elevating the world’s consciousness by inserting positivity into our conversations and interactions with others. We even have the power to elevate our mood and outlook by carving out moments to turn off the noise, take a break from the news, and to put away social media so that we can increase the volume of our own inner peace. And yes, we all need that right now.

Sending you peace, love, and belief- that it’s all going to be okay! We can get through anything….. together.

With massive love,


Word of the Month: Inspire


Inspire[ in-spahyuhr ]

verb (used w/ object), inspired, inspiring to produce or arouse, influence or impel (a feeling, thought, etc.):

to fill or affect with a specified feeling, thought, etc.


For 20 years, my primary intention for The Dailey Method has been to inspire people to be their best. We work hard to support and motivate our students and communities to become their best selves- both inside and out; so that we are all able to radiate that feeling outward into all areas of our lives. Imagine we are all a small cog in the wheel, and each personal and positive action we take collaboratively, with everyone else around us, generates more and more amazing positivity and energy. 

I’ll be honest, though- it’s tough for me to feel inspired right now with everything going on in our world. These are incredibly challenging times with so much uncertainty swirling around us. I feel like every day, something new comes to light that causes me concern, stress, worry. So I’m committing this month to hold onto the intention to find ways to feel inspired and keep that positivity flowing out because our world needs it more than ever right now! Let’s take the time to place our attention on the people, events, or things – both past and present – that inspire and have inspired us – to provide us the fuel to forge ahead towards a brighter future! 

We will always be most effective at supporting positivity around us if we first notice what we are inspired by. If it’s a person, tell them, doing so will lift them up and allow them the space to move that “feel-good” feeling forward. If it’s a thing, stop for a moment to take it in. It’s a sure way to pause long enough inside of gratitude so that you are present and more appreciative during the next task in your day. We all feel more inspired when we are noticed and acknowledged by others or when we can sit in the seat of thankfulness for the beautiful things we are surrounded by, no matter how trite they may seem.

This month, I challenge you to find something new to inspire you to grow, change, or expand. 

*Try a new recipe or a new way of cooking: I’m trying new slow cooker recipes to spend time in the AM preparing dinner and have the evening time more open to being present with my kids. 

*Take an art class: I was just introduced to this Instagram site @colortheorydesignco. I’m going to take a flower arranging class this month- to inspire the artist in myself, something that easily gets lost in my busyness.  

*Ask your friends for a book recommendation: I’m currently reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, which is fascinating yet takes a lot of mental focus, so I’m balancing it out with another highly recommended book by a friend, The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. I highly recommend both!

Find something that takes you out of your comfort zone and your everyday habits. Invite some beauty, creativity, or fun into your day. You will be surprised in the best possible way since this practice of shaking it up a bit has the potential to open you up to new thoughts or possibilities in your life and allows you to radiate.

In September, we highlighted the turning of our focus inward to discover some best practices for self-care and help us create more nurturing habits. For October and the remaining days of our annual challenge, we hope that you are able to take whatever little or large progress you made and allow that light and resulting rejuvenation to shine outward. This focus may help set you on a path to INSPIRE others to do the same! After all, the way we show up in the world (regardless of varying circumstances swirling around us) provides us our best chance at inspiring positive results in all areas of our own lives and potentially in those of everyone in our vicinity. The ripple effect is contagious! And I believe we all need some ripple right now!!

Here are some ways you can have inspiration in your Dailey practice:

*Allow yourself space in class today to inspire YOU by focusing on your legs during arm work, your glutes while doing abdominal work, or ease in places of effort. Notice places and spaces where a whole new world opens once you shift your energy onto an entirely different area. Plateaus in life and in exercise occur when we stop turning our attention on finding new perspectives or ways to explore them!

*Make a focal effort to STOP during an exercise and reset your alignment, deepen engagement, and then possibly a deeper position than you’ve ever hit before. It will give others permission to do the same, plus this ladder forms the very stepping stones to work you towards your edge, your goals, and beyond!

Thank you, Dailey Method community, for being an inspiration in my life and continuing this amazing journey alongside of me. I love hearing your stories of how this Method, and this Community is keeping you motivated and inspired. Please keep them coming! They help keep us all going. 

With love,


Word of the Month: Focus

FOCUS: Def. v. to pay particular attention to

With COVID, came a bunch of chaos we’ve all had to navigate through over the past several months. It is a huge reason why we chose “Focus” as our September Word of the Month (WOM) in an intentional effort to support ourselves and our communities in setting aside the external distractions inevitably out of our control. Self-care is needed like never before, and so with a new month comes an amazing opportunity to reestablish our focus on ourselves.

At The Dailey Method, we have 100% excelled and succeeded at accomplishing our detailed focus on all things barre, helping people get stronger and more confident, as well as supporting them in discovering optimal alignment for the last 20 years! (Yes, you heard that right! We hit our 20 year anniversary of TDM in 2020!!). It’s incredible because those two decades, dedicated to focusing on one thing, have provided us a unique opportunity to engage with our community and teach movement in a way that makes us all feel amazing from the inside out.

With this milestone, we never anticipated a global pandemic nor how it would shape our world. Everything from our businesses, work-life, social activities, and even schooling our children have gone virtual. This constant interaction with devices can be incredibly distracting – not to mention mentally draining. In addition to that comes an unknown and the harsh reality that we have no idea when our lives will return to “normal.”

Given these uncertainties, changes, and challenges, The Dailey Method has made it a goal for September to support you with setting an intention to focus your energies and strength more inward to practice redirecting your worries towards that of self-care.

Our annual Align & Shine Challenge starts this month. Whether you’re in a virtual or hybrid community with TDM, we have 20 days (September 21-October 10) of opportunities for you to learn with us, give back to yourself, and practice radiating from the inside – out!

Stay tuned for how to sign up and participate!

Until then, here are some ideas and ways for you to begin to Focus on YOU!!!

  • Life continually throws us unexpected challenges. We throw them at you in the class choreography! In your next TDM class, focus your energy and attention on how gracefully, or not, you adjust to what is unexpected. Focus on the “noticing” versus judging so that in a moment’s notice, you can shift your focus to grace and acceptance – therefore guiding you towards success and strength! This can be carried into your life practice too.
  • Focus on a part of your body you rarely place attention on in any given exercise. Set your mind on an intentional focus to listen to what your teacher says about this body part or movement. By directing your brain to focus on these auditory cues, you begin contracting the same muscle needed in your life to be in whatever moment you are in and focus on only what is in front of you.
  • Focus on a life circumstance with insurmountable trust that it will soon change like everything else on the planet. This will help you stay present in your daily life and even in a class setting knowing that change is just around the corner. Starting here and from a place of trust/acceptance of what is – will help you awaken parts of your body, mind, and spirit so that you deepen your life practice in ways you didn’t know were possible.
  • Focus energy on leading with your light and what you love best about yourself during each of your Dailey (and daily!!) activities. Look for what’s good, positive, hopeful, and let that focus pull you away from what might be negative or scary. This will inevitably support you by highlighting your outward expression of self-confidence. This deliberate focus will do wonders for you with respect to quieting any self-criticism and will magnify what makes you shine!

Have the best month and stay healthy!

With Love,


Word of the Month: Pause

Pause: A temporary stop or rest, especially in speech or action, to emphasize meaning. 


To say that our world hit a huge PAUSE button these last 4 months is an understatement!

Covid 19 built in an unprecedented kind of PAUSE that has deeply affected our plans, opportunities, experiences and moved us all into isolation. It took away our ability to congregate with one another, eradicated the ability to distract ourselves in the ways we had before and stopped us in our tracks by removing much of the busyness in our day to day life.

This global situation has also forced us to pause to recognize the transformations that our world undoubtedly needs. It’s been a time that has encouraged individuals and communities to evaluate what is important, assess inherent core values, uncover the wounds caused by inequality and has catapulted populations towards positive change. We must keep it going…there is so much more to do!

This time has given me pause to be truly grateful that I own a platform that has the ability to raise awareness and funds for organizations that are working to make our country and our world a better place. Historically, as a company and within individual TDM studios, we have held donation classes to help organizations we believe in both locally and globally. Just as we preach the importance of a regular practice in creating change in our minds and bodies, we also want to make it a regular practice to give back.

Each month The Dailey Method is committed to pause and take notice of how we can best effectuate positive change in our world and in our communities. Our end goal lies in becoming a consistent part of the small, incremental, baby steps that eventually will begin to heal them. For us, joining together in order to make a difference, means being intentional inside of that quiet moment so that we are able to decide where to place our focus and then what action steps to take.

This month we have chosen the Boys and Girls Club. I will be teaching a Dailey Barre class on Wed. July 8th at 10:00 AM PST and will donate 100% of the proceeds towards helping young kids in need.

Boys & Girls Clubs serve more than 4.6 million young people through membership and community outreach in nearly 4,700 Club facilities nationwide. Due in part to support from the COVID-19 Relief Fund, more than 3,000 Clubs are now able to provide some sort of food, digital programming and support to youth and families, including access to services for families of first responders, the U.S. Military, National Guard, Military Reserve, healthcare workers and other essential industries. Your support will help Boys & Girls Clubs do whatever it takes to help youth who need it most.

Covid-19 Relief Fund Giving

  • $1 can provide nutritious food for a child
  • $5 can provide a child in need with virtual homework help and mentoring.
  • $50 can provide books, supplies and virtual activities to help seven children keep reading skills sharp and prevent learning loss.

You can sign up to help support here 

In light of all that is happening around us, I would like to invite you to stop. Take a breath. Pause for a moment in order to reflect on how you will choose to become part of this global shift.

In the end, once the chaos of this pandemic slips into our generational gaps of forgetfulness – and after the amount of time we’ve spent missing loved ones or feeling isolated… for every uncomfortable circumstance we were each forced into … instead of just getting through it, let’s make certain it means SOMETHING and becomes the start of something truly amazing.

Take a step with me.

Let’s do THIS together.