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Quick: 15-20 minutes

Dailey Cycle 20 - Lauren Van Tongeren 4/28/21
Dailey Barre - 15 minute Thigh Focus - Val Goffin 2/26/21
Dailey Barre - 15 minute Seat Focus - Val Goffin 2/26/21
15 minute Arm Workout - Jill Dailey 1/7/2021
Dailey Barre - Valerie Goffin 12/10/20
15 minute upper body focus - Jill Dailey 11/18/20
15 minute lower body focus - Jill Dailey 11/18/20
Dailey Barre 15 minute - Jill Dailey 10/27/20
Core Strengthening - Jill Dailey
Dailey Power: Full Body/Core
Dailey Power: Full Body/Seat
Dailey Barre: Short Flow Balance & Stability Focus
Dailey Barre: Short Flow with Circular Band
Dailey Power: Find It!
Dailey Stretch: Reduce Neck Tension and Open Your Heart
Dailey Release: Reduce Neck Tension and Open Your Heart
Dailey Barre: Short Flow Sequence
Dailey Stretch: Active Stretching
Dailey Release: Utilizing Release Balls
Dailey Barre: Lower Body with Circular Band
Dailey Barre: Sculpted Arms with Resistance Band
Dailey Barre: Abdominals With Ball
Dailey Barre: 15 Minute Core Focus
Dailey Barre: 15 Minute Upper Body Focus
Dailey Fusion: A Body in Motion, Stays in Motion
Dailey Fusion: Targeting Every Muscle in your Body