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Dailey Barre - Diana Phan 6/18/21
Dailey Interval: Spinal Alignment and Foot Foundation
Dailey Baby: Back to Core
Dailey Interval: Full Body Workout with Fast Pace and High Energy
Dailey Stretch: Active Stretching
Dailey Release: Utilizing Release Balls
Dailey Barre: Abdominals With Ball
Dailey Barre: Thigh and Seat Focus
Dailey Barre: Stretch, Increase Your Flexibility
Dailey Fusion: A Body in Motion, Stays in Motion
Prenatal Dailey: Strong During the Physical and Mental Changes of Pregnancy
Dailey Baby: Full Body Dailey Barre Class
Dailey Barre: Have Fun and Stay Present
Dailey Basics: Focus on Back Body Strength
Dailey Barre: Thigh & Seat Work Focus
Dailey Interval: Find Calm Amidst the Chaos
Dailey Interval: Push Your Limits!
Dailey Interval: Find Your Flow
Dailey Fusion: Barre + Interval - Find Your Edge
Dailey Barre: Grounding Yourself through Foot Foundation
Dailey Interval: Challenge Yourself to Find Stability
Dailey Basics: Find Space and Support With Your Breath
Dailey Fusion: Find your Edge
Dailey Gentle: Focus on Alignment
Dailey Barre: Utilize Opposition with Resistance Bands
Dailey Interval: Lengthen Your Spine, Strengthen Your Core
Dailey Fusion: Building Strength & Stability
Dailey Barre: Seat and Abdominal Focus
Dailey Barre: A Thigh Seat Work Focus